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Weekly Recap Post: Morning Devotions, Walks, and Health Thoughts

Good afternoon, everybody! Hopefully you are all having a great Monday and are ready to take on the week. I did a mini recap post about last Monday and Tuesday that I’ll link here. I think I like one big recap post better, but I still want to know what you all think! Let me know in the comments. 🙂 After you read the mini recap, you’ll be all ready for this one! I’ll start with Wednesday.


I woke up around 7AM and started the day with my devotional. I know I talk about this every day, but I think it’s so important! It’s truly changed my mornings for the better, and it’s quickly becoming a habit.

After my devotional, Chance and I headed out for a 1.5 mile walk. I am still in aw of how beautiful the scenery is in my own neighborhood, and I love seeing it every single day.

Today was bathroom cleaning day! Yay. I deep cleaned our three bathrooms, and they are so much better now. I scrubbed the walls, doors, floors, toilets, sinks, mirrors, showers, and tub. It took me a long time, but I am glad I did such a deep clean.

After finishing with the bathrooms, I made lunch because I was starving. I had a salad with Tessamae’s Green Goddess dressing, a bowl of strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi, turkey breast, pickles, and cauliflower crisps. I also had a big bowl of watermelon a few hours later. It’s always a gamble when picking out a watermelon, but this one was a winner!

How cute is Jaycey’s pup?? Her name is Luna. Ever since we moved, Jaycey and I have been using Marco Polo to send videos to each other. I wish we had started it earlier! We both pop on a couple of times throughout the day to tell each other everything we would if we were getting our nails done or going to dinner. It makes me so happy that we are still staying connected despite Corona and us moving to TN. I highly recommend it for anybody wanting to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s totally free and easy to use.

Steak and chicken fajitas

Kyle picked up dinner from a local mexican restaurant for dinner and blizzards for dessert! Have you had the frosted animal cracker blizzard yet!? Holy moly, it is SO GOOD.

We got back into watching Dexter so we watched a few episodes before Kyle headed back to study. I showered and got ready for bed where I read Truly Madly Guilty for a while before falling asleep.


I 100% take responsibility for this because of the foods I ate Wednesday night, but I suffered from a migraine most of the day on Thursday. I have nothing blog worthy to tell you besides I was in bed most of the day and am continuing to learn how sensitive my head is to certain foods! I think I really grasped this week how much those foods aren’t worth it to me anymore.


Devotional, bible, journal, and Start Today Journal

I woke up feeling so much better on Friday and got back into my morning routine! Here are the resources I am using right now:

Strength Training statistics

I felt like doing some strength exercises after my quiet time so I took my dumbbells and booty band upstairs and got a good work out in! I concentrated mainly on my shoulders and glutes.

Today was floor day! I vacuumed all the carpets, rugs, chairs, and sectional and swiffered all the hardwood floors. This house has real hardwood floors so I bought the swiffer solution that is specifically for hardwood floors so we can take care of them the best we can.

After I finished the floors, I made a protein smoothie. Kyle and I ate together at the dinner table while he took a study break. My smoothie had frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, oatmilk, and chia seeds.

I went back to cleaning after breakfast! After I vacuum everything, I spray Fabric Febreze to keep it smelling fresh and clean. I also washed our sheets and comforter. There is no better feeling than fresh sheets!

Watermelon, chickpeas, and chicken breast

I had a quick lunch of watermelon, chickpeas, and chicken breast slices. I didn’t eat ALL of the watermelon, but I definitely could have! And I accidentally bought chicken breast instead of turkey, and I am so glad I did!! I like it even more than the turkey and am going to buy it from now on. The brand is Never Any! from Aldi.

Chance and I headed out for a 3.3 mile walk in the afternoon. We had a storm earlier in the week, and I think the tree above split so the owner chopped it up today. The whole street smelled like Christmas, and I walked by the tree multiple times just to smell it! 🙂

I didn’t do a great job at buying groceries this week. We ordered Dominos for dinner, and I had a salad and wings while Kyle had pizza. There wings are actually really good! I got the Mango Habanero wings and while they were a little spicy for me, I really liked them. We watched more of Dexter and headed to bed! I kept reading Truly, Madly, Guilty before falling asleep.


Today was a super lazy day! I made the same smoothie I have been having and watched Supernatural in bed.

Chance and I headed out for along walk after the rain stopped, and it felt so good to move!

Coffee Over Cardio box

I came home to my Coffee Over Cardio package! If you haven’t tried their coffee yet, YOU NEED TO! We have loved every single flavor we have tried so we pretty much ordered them all this time around to stock up. Cinnamon Bun MIGHT be my favorite, but it is so hard to choose! All of the coffees are naturally flavored, and I don’t feel the need to add any creamer because they are just that good! Plus, I love supporting small businesses- especially during this time (and always)! *Use code 10Miriamleigh for 10% off all your Coffee Over Cardio orders!

So we grilled out tonight and for some reason, the food just did NOT turn out well. I hated wasting it so we tried to eat some of it, but it was just not happening. So we did what anybody would do and ordered Chili’s! haha Seriously, we went big this week when it came to eating out.

We ate so much but still had a lot of leftovers! I had a salad, fried pickles, and honey chipotle chicken tenders. It was so good, and we were so full. We watched more Dexter before heading upstairs to read and go to bed!


Coffee mug, clean bedroom, and Chance

Happy Mother’s Day! I am so blessed with the best mom in the world, and I am so lucky that I married into a family that provided me with a wonderful mother in law. I am also the puppy mama to the best dog in the world, and I felt so blessed today. I hope you all were able to love on your mamas a little extra today, and that they all felt so cherished.

I started my day with my usual devotion and journaling time before FaceTiming with Kyle’s mom. We had flowers delivered to both our moms for Mother’s Day. We had already given them their gifts before we moved but wanted them to get something from us on the actual day since we couldn’t be there in person. This year is the first year that I could not spend Mother’s Day with my mom, and I am not a fan!

Zoom meeting with family

We then got on a Zoom call with my mom’s side of the family for Mother’s Day, and it was so fun to be with everybody! I am blessed with an amazing family. I am so glad we have the technology to do things like this. It makes the distance a little more bearable.

Chance and I walked 3 miles after we got done with our calls and listened to the Manifest podcast. This episode was so funny and entertaining!

I had some leftovers before working out my glutes and shoulders again this afternoon!

I then went back to applying to jobs while I watched more Supernatural. Places are beginning to start hiring in more areas of nursing again which is very encouraging!

Kyle grilled steaks, and I baked potatoes and veggies for dinner! The steaks turned out so good, and I felt so much better after this meal in comparison to when we ate out this week.

Supernatural, hydrojug, and Chance sleeping

Kyle went back to studying after dinner so I made a meal and cleaning schedule for next week. I am determined to get a cleaning schedule I can stick to once I return to work and a meal plan that will continue to help with my migraines and our health overall. Writing out this plan makes me excited because I know I am more likely to be successful with a written plan.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I headed upstairs to get ready for bed. I finished Truly, Madly, Guilty tonight and started Own Your Everyday. I am excited to finally dive into this book!

I pray you all have a great week and are staying well!

Questions for you! Comment below so we can chat!

  1. What are you reading right now? Like I said above, I just started Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley.
  2. What is one food that makes you feel GREAT when you eat it? Right now, mine is the smoothie I have been eating lately.
  3. What would you like me to write next- a grocery haul , a Friday Favorites, or my nightly routine?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap Post: Morning Devotions, Walks, and Health Thoughts

  1. Brittany M. says:

    I am rereading the last Harry Potter book to go along with the podcast I listen to. I just got Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson for my mom for Mother’s Day. I read it at the beach a few years ago and it was so good! My comfort food is an Eggo blueberry whole grain waffle with Nutella on top! I see that Coffee over Cardio on a Vlog I watch on YouTube all the time and I’ve been wanting to try it! I’m probably about to go order some now! I would love to see a grocery haul and some book reviews and then maybe you could do a blog once everything is back to normal about all your new favorite spots since you moved! Reading blogs/YouTube vlogs are my “me time” so I enjoy reading/watching just about anything!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I still need to start listening to that podcast! I just restarted the Harry Potter series so that’s awesome.
      That sounds so yummy!! Also, let me know your favorite flavor whenever you try Coffee Over Cardio!
      Those ideas are awesome, and I appreciate it so much. Especially the one about my new favorite spots! I can’t wait to be able to explore and share with you! 🙂

      • Brittany M. says:

        My Coffee Over Cardio came today! I ordered the cinnamon bun messy bun kind and it is so good. I can’t wait to try more flavors!

      • Miriam Leigh says:

        YAY! I’m so glad! If you like hazelnut, you should try the vanilla hazelnut next. SO GOOD!

  2. Lindsay says:

    What are you reading right now? Is it bad to say that the majority of my reading right now includes work emails, bank loan information (looking to buy my first house), and trying to interpret insurance EOBs (I hate insurance … why is it so hard for insurance companies to cover medical treatments??)
    What is one food that makes you feel GREAT when you eat it? Honestly, all of the foods I eat may me feel GREAT but in different ways. But I would say that when I get an Iced Coffee from the Local Caribou coffee during my walks I always feel awesome because I am getting a dose of caffeine, some great liquids, and of course the fresh air does a world of good too! 🙂
    What would you like me to write next- a grocery haul , a Friday Favorites, or my nightly routine? I like the day in the life posts but grocery hauls, house tours, and restaurant favorites are also fun too! Maybe you could share what your current rotation of fav restaurants are. Have you found any new ones since your move?? How are you guys handling budgeting since your move as you’re not working now?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Ugh. Insurance can be so frustrating. SO many hoops to jump through. I’m sorry! Keep fighting though!
      I love the way you look at things! An iced coffee with a nice walk sounds amazing.
      That’s a great idea! I’ll add fave restaurants to my line up. Well the first place we found was a local Mexican restaurant (of course), but that’s about it so far! Things are starting to open back up, and I never thought I would be SO excited to go sit in a restaurant. 😀
      We saved and saved and saved over the last year and thankfully Kyle was a great saver during college. We are paying rent, bills, and for food and that’s it. We’ve stopped pretty much any other spending that isn’t necessary. For me, that means staying off Amazon, not going to Starbucks, etc. Since Orange Theory has been closed, we haven’t been getting billed for that, but we have also cancelled our membership there until we can fit it back into our budget. I love it so much, but it’s expensive and we don’t have room for it right now!
      I am SO excited to explore my new area, but we obviously have to wait until things open, continue to be careful and distant, and wait until I have a job so we won’t be as stressed about finances! I have a few positive leads right now though- just have to wait to hear the final say! 🙂

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