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Mini Recap Post: Nursing interview, healthy eats, and more walks!

Hey everybody! I know it’s super weird for me to be writing a recap post two days after my last one, but I missed you guys! I realized that I have all of this time right now so I should be using it to better my blog and connect more. Let me know what you think!


Iced coffee by window

I woke up to a gorgeous day outside! I opened the windows, grabbed an iced coffee, and did my devotional. I have been using this cold brew maker and then adding a little oatmilk. So good!

Today’s devotional was all about forgiveness. We have the ability and responsibility to forgive others because God forgives us every day. I needed that reminder! It’s not easy…

Chance and I headed out for a two mile walk in the bright sunshine after my morning devotional. I can’t explain how these walks have helped my quarantine day moods. I love taking the time for myself and using it to better myself.

Besides just getting in the physical exercise, I love listening to my favorite podcasts. Some are for entertainment and some are also motivational. They leave me feeling so happy! These are the two podcasts I listened to while I walked and worked out today.

When I got home from my walk, I did some work with my dumbbells and booty bands. I have found so many good work outs on Instagram and YouTube. Sometimes I follow them, and sometimes I take different exercises from a few different work outs to switch it up.

Breakfast on the deck

I made my smoothie and grabbed a verb bar to eat with Kyle while he had a break from class. We sat on the deck and watched Parks and Rec while we ate! My smoothie had frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, chia seeds, and oatmilk.

I headed out for another walk after eating. I did 3.4 miles this time! These hills are such a challenge, but I love how strong I am feeling while doing a work out I really enjoy.

My lunch consisted of spinach with green goddess dressing, turkey slices, pickles, and cauliflower crackers. I also had a big bowl of watermelon but ate it too fast to get a picture! Kyle grilled chicken and veggies, and I baked potatoes for dinner a couple of hours later.

With Kyle getting back into school, I’m trying to be productive while he is studying. I cleaned the kitchen and began wiping down the walls after dinner. Then I showered, drank my Kava tea, and finished Still Me before falling asleep.


Same morning routine, different day! The daily practices I have been doing while off work are things I am going to incorporate into my work life once I return to nursing. My sister bought me the journal pictured above for a Christmas gift, and I love it. I have began writing my prayers into this every morning, and it helps keep me accountable to my quiet time.

Walking work out statistics

My morning walk was almost 3 miles, but I had to cut it short because I had an interview to get ready for.

Breakfast smoothie and verb bar

I had the same smoothie that I had on Monday after my walk. I took the verb bar with me in case I needed a pick me up after my interview!

I had an interview with Vanderbilt Home Care today. I want to wait until things are a little more final with the outcome before I talk too much about it, but it was interesting going to an interview with a mask on! haha Most of their office is working from home so it was weird seeing an office so empty. I was surprised I got to come in to do the interview in person, but it went well!

 Shopping at walmart

After the interview, I originally stopped by Kroger to pick up a few things, but their electricity was out! So obviously they weren’t open. I headed to Walmart because it was so close and picked up a few things we needed. With both of us home all day, we go through a lot of food! I hate making multiple trips a week because I spend more money that way, but hopefully I’ll get adjusted to it soon!

I listened to this episode of the Happy Hour while I walked and drove to my interview! It was fun to listen to Gretchen talk with her twin and hear their stories of twin life, living in a different country, and growing up!

When I got home, I was starving! I made a lunch of a cabbage salad mix with green goddess dressing, turkey slices, fruit, cauliflower crisps, and pickle slices. I know these meals are repetitive, but I am loving them right now! Then I continued to apply to different jobs while I had another glass of iced coffee.

Grilled burgers and veggies

Kyle grilled burgers and veggies for dinner, and the burgers were amazing! I don’t know how he does it, but he takes something so simple and makes it delicious.

Watching Big Little Lies

After Kyle went back to studying, I watched more of Big Little Lies on Hulu and made a chore list. I literally went through every room and wrote down every single thing I need to complete for that room to be considered clean. I know that sounds crazy, but it helps me to have it all written out. Next I need to figure out a cleaning schedule. If you have any tips, let me know!

I know you’re probably sick of all my podcast pictures, but I just love them! I listened to the above episode while I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for bed. I had my Kava tea like always, and started a new book!

I hope you guys enjoyed a little mini recap. Let me know what you think!

Questions for you! Please comment below so we can chat!

  1. What is one thing you are doing to keep yourself sane right now? Mine is my walks and podcasts!
  2. What should my next non recap post be about?! I know I ask this a lot, but I am still working on my content 🙂
  3. What is one thing that made you happy today? Mine was when the sun finally emerged after raining all morning!

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