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Weekly Recap: Exploring Nashville, Self Care, and Many Walks!

Happy Monday, everybody! I’m currently sitting on our deck in the 70 degree sunny weather and loving every second of it. I was sitting on our bed this morning, looking out the window, and listening to the birds singing, and I just thought to myself how much I love my life. I think I often times get caught up in everything that is going on and forget to be grateful for everything God has blessed me with.

I started my recap last week a little late so this recap is going to start with Wednesday. Let’s go!


I had a smoothie and a verb bar for breakfast before I took my vitamins. I have been trying to get more protein from the foods I eat instead of just protein powder because most powders have migraine triggers in them. My smoothie consists of frozen blueberries, spinach, oatmilk, and chia seeds. After breakfast, I sat in my chair by the front window and did my daily devotion from She Reads Truth. My cold brew consisted of unsweetened Stok cold brew and oatmilk. So good!

Daily devotion with coffee

I have been doing the daily devotion on SheReadsTruth.com every morning, and it has been a great start to my day. They include verses that I read first and then follow up with the devotion they wrote. The verses are so powerful and tie into the devotions so well.

Rainy car rides

We took a drive in the rain and explored the area a little bit. We went by Kyle’s school and just drove around the town. It was super relaxing and nice to get to know the area a little bit.

Once we got home, I headed into the garage to start organizing! It’s not perfect, but it looks SO much better now. Everything is labelled and on the shelves now. I am much happier with it! We got these shelves on Amazon, and we love them! They help organize and save room in our garage.

I did a run/walk work out from Peloton today, and it was killer! I am amazed at how much of a difference it makes from going from flat Indiana to hilly Tennessee. It’s hard work, but I am loving it. And I am loving the Peloton app! They give a free 1 month trial, and you should definitely give it a try! They have all kinds of work outs including running, walking, strength, yoga, and stretching on top of their cycle classes.

Grilled veggies and burgers

Kyle grilled burgers, zucchini, carrots, and broccoli for dinner. YUM! Our grill is one of our most prized possessions right now. We watched the first Harry Potter before heading to bed!


When I woke up on Thursday, I had the urge to get our huge pile of laundry folded. So I did! After I finished that, I made my coffee and did my devotional.

Breakfast protein smoothie

I had my same protein smoothie from yesterday for breakfast before I headed out for a walk.

I went on a 2.3 mile walk then completed two short strength training classes on the Peloton app. One was a ten minute arm class followed by a five minute ab class. Short and intense!

My project for today consisted of cleaning up the guest room. We have a bed frame, BUT it doesn’t fit up the stairs. Kyle is in the process of splitting it in half for us to be able to bring it upstairs, but it’s not finished yet. The five boxes are now unpacked and put away, and it looks so much better now!

Turkey slices, fruit, chickpeas, and goldfish

After cleaning up the guest room, I made lunch. Fruit, turkey slices, chickpeas, and carrot goldfish.

Chance and I headed out for a longer walk once it got a little warmer. This episode of The Real Reel podcast is one of my all time favorites so far! Natalie is such a great host and her interviewees are always inspirational.

Fajitas for dinner

Kyle picked up mexican food for dinner from a local restaurant. I had chicken and steak fajitas, and they were delicious. We settled in and watched Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets before heading to bed.


Jeremiah 29:11

This is the key verse from my devotion this morning. This verse is one of the more popular ones and for good reason! It’s so encouraging and tells one of God’s biggest promises to us.

After my morning devotional, I gathered all my things and headed to the grocery store. I brought my blueberry protein smoothie, verb bar, hydrojug, and headphones. I love listening to a podcast while I grocery shop. I feel more productive and in much less of a rush. Surprise, I was listening to an episode of The Real Real podcast! I went to Aldi, Kroger, and Walmart. Usually I can get everything I need at Aldi and Kroger, but I went to Walmart for a few household things we needed.

Chance and I headed out for a two mile walk once I got home, and we had all the groceries put away.

Eating lunch and watching a video

I spent lunchtime watching the free workshop from Jordan Lee Dooley on working at home. She had a lot of great tips and strategies that can help anybody with a side hustle! I definitely recommend it- and it’s free!

Chance and I headed out for another two mile walk. LOL @ Chance taking a break in the shade halfway through!

Grilled chicken and veggies for dinner

We grilled chicken and veggies and ate outside on the deck for dinner. Our backyard is so peaceful, and the deck is one of my favorite things about the house.

After dinner, I got cleaned up and put on my favorite face mask. I think all these walks in the sun are bringing out all the gunk in my pores (gross, sorry), but this mask took care of it like always! I like to mix it with apple cider vinegar instead of water, and I think it works even better. And for only $15, it’s more than worth it. I bought this over a year ago, use it constantly, and I still have a good amount left.

We watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before heading to bed. We are making our way through the series again, and I love it so much.


I woke up with a migraine today, and I was down for most of the day.

I finally felt a lot better around two in the afternoon. We got on a Zoom call at three to surprise my Nana for her 80th birthday, and it was so fun! She was so happy and surprised. After the call, I headed out for a two mile walk with Chance. It felt good to get moving after being in bed all morning.

We finished our Mother’s day cards and put them in the mail tonight. Aldi had SO MANY beautiful Mother’s Day cards for 99 cents each so I stocked up. They would have been over five dollars a piece at the normal stores, and that adds up fast! After getting showered, I put my self tanner on. Glow Pro is my favorite brand because it doesn’t leave streaks or have a nasty smell.

We finished The Prisoner of Azkaban and then The Goblet of Fire before heading to bed.


Selfie after self tanning

I rinsed off the self tanner after I woke up (you’re supposed to rinse it off after 8 hours so I like to sleep in it), and I felt so good having a little color! I am all about inner beauty, but it’s good to feel confident on the outside as well!

I read my daily devotional from She Reads Truth and then read more of my book. I was up until one AM this morning reading because these books are so good! It’s bittersweet that this book is the last in the series. I love the story line and don’t want it to end, but every book rips my heart out.

I set myself up outside with my smoothie to start working on this recap. I am watching Big Little Lies on Hulu right now, and it is really good! I read the book on our honeymoon so I was super excited about the show. I moved inside after a few hours to eat lunch. It consisted of a salad with green goddess dressing, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi, turkey slices, cauliflower crisps, and pickle slices!

I headed out for another long walk in the afternoon all on my own. I listened to another episode of the Happy Hour podcast. This is another one of my favorites! It truly feels like I’m just having a conversation with Gretchen, and she is so fun to listen to.

Harry Potter movie night

Kyle starts classes back up Monday. He’ll be going all online for at least a few more weeks until they feel comfortable bringing his class to campus. He wanted Sonic to celebrate his last night of freedom so that’s what we got! We watched Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and then the Parks and Recreation special that was on Hulu. I obviously loved both. 🙂

Questions for YOU! Please respond below so we can chat! 🙂

  1. What is your favorite form of exercise? Mine is walking the hills right now!
  2. Do you have a chore schedule or do you complete them as needed? I need help with this!
  3. Is your state “opening back up” now or are you still quarantined? Some places in Tennessee are starting to open up again, but we are still staying isolated as much as possible.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Exploring Nashville, Self Care, and Many Walks!

  1. Brittany M. says:

    I really enjoy walking for exercise but I recently rolled my ankle so I am trying to rest it. Normally I always walk and listen to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. It is the best podcast! We are in quarantine still and I think it will last through May. Some businesses have been allowed to reopen, etc., but we are still under a “safer at home” order. This has been a great time to slow down and enjoy family and grow deeper in faith as we have to constantly trust that God is working all things out for us. We have had more time for family devotions and prayer time and its a great reminder that we cannot rely on just church alone to grow in our faith, or teach our children, it has to be something we repeatedly practice in our homes. For chores, I like to help “tomorrow me” out, so I try and stay ahead. I don’t like going to bed or waking up to chores that need to be done so I try and make sure everything is done and ready for the next day before bed. I am about to start on my MSN degree at the end of May and its all been moved to online, even the orientation is virtual. I am not sure how we will do clinicals/practicums but it will all work out! I love the photos and the hills are beautiful!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I hope your ankle heals quickly! Rest for sure. I will have to check out that podcast!
      I totally agree with what you’re saying about resting and growing deeper during this time. I feel like we have been given an opportunity to rest in a world that is always go, go, go. It’s for a terrible reason, but I believe good things can come from it!
      I am with you about the chores. I am trying to be more on top of things since we moved into a new home, and it feels like a fresh start. I love waking up to clean house, and I love the idea of helping tomorrow me out.
      Good luck on your MSN!! That’s awesome. I am sure you’ll do great! And hopefully things will begin to open back up so you can safely start clinicals. 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    What is your favorite form of exercise? I bought a peloton bike when the world was “shutting down” in mid march. I am so freaking glad I bought it. I can now workout in my home whenever I want/need without having to worry about the governments opinions.
    Do you have a chore schedule or do you complete them as needed? I clean everyday and I prefer to stay on top of my laundry so I rarely have it sitting for long. I need to make a better schedule for deep cleaning my bathroom/dusting but I think I just need to make that a weekend thing. I love scheduling my weekly grocery shop too so that I am not going every single day (when I do, I spend more than I should)
    Is your state “opening back up” now or are you still quarantined? Minnesota is still technically under Shelter at home orders but you wouldn’t know it from the amount of people that are out and about. For example I went to a hiking trail on Saturday and the park was PACKED … I honestly think it would be safer to have all of the shops open at the mall because there would be less people in ONE place (like the parks) and people could keep their social distance their too. I think it is time for the states to open back up because this virus is not going anywhere but peoples businesses are NOT going to survive this much longer and that’s just not fair.
    Hope you have a great week. Have you found a new job yet?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I want a peloton so bad! I am so glad you bought it before Corona hit like it did because I think they are taking almost 2 months to deliver right now because everybody is trying to get one!
      I’m trying to stay on top of my laundry like you do! It’s amazing how laundry multiples so quickly haha
      It’s a tricky situation for sure. This virus is so serious but so is the financial struggles people are having/going to have. My prayer is that businesses will be able to safely open back up, people with recover, and we will all be stronger after this. 🙂
      I have interviewed for a couple and am waiting to hear back! 🙂 Thank you for asking!
      Have a great week!!

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