Kyle, Chance, and I in our new home!


Good morning, everybody! I am so excited to share that we are all moved and loving Tennessee! We moved from the Indianapolis area to a suburb of Nashville over the weekend, and it has been crazy! But awesome!

Kyle, Chance, and I outside our previous home

Here we are, right before we headed to Tennessee! This little house served us well as our first home together. I am thankful for the memories and will never forget them! That’s for sure. It was a beautiful day to travel, and the drive was super easy.

Chance and I in the car moving to Tennessee

We picked up a HUGE UHaul on Thursday afternoon and hired a few guys to help us pack up everything Thursday night. This was a gamechanger because all we had to do on Friday morning was wake up, pack up what we needed over night, and head out! My parents met us at our house Friday morning because they traveled with us to help drive cars and unpack. It made the move so much easier, and it was a lot better for me emotionally. I am so thankful for them and their never ending help.

Chance, Turtle, and I were in my car, my dad drove Kyle’s car, my mom drove her car, and Kyle drove the UHaul! It took us a little less than five hours to get to Nashville, but it was pretty uneventful! Until….

Emergency Vet

We had to go to the emergency vet! We stopped about 30 minutes away from our house because my bladder could not make it. I walked Chance over to where Kyle was filling up the UHaul tank with gas and before I could stop him, Chance began to drink from the windshield wiper fluid container that gas stations have next to the gas pumps. UGG! I was so terrified. We tried to get him to throw up on our own but it took too long so we took him to a vet that was super close to the gas station. They were pretty certain he did not consume enough to be damaging, but they gave him medicine to make him sick just in case. Poor guy! The vet and vet techs were amazing and took care of him so quickly. Due to Covid, we had to wait outside in the parking lot which was difficult for everybody. Chance did super well though, and he has had no problems since so we are pretty sure we are in the clear.

Kyle, Chance, and I in our new home!

We finally made it to the house! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is truly an incredible home, and we lucked out for real. Two more movers met us at the house to unload everything, and they had it all done within an hour. I ordered pizzas, wings, and salad for dinner, and we chowed down as soon as we had the living room set up.

Thanks to my parents, we got so much of the house set up before they left on Sunday. My mom put liners in all of the cabinets, organized our kitchen, and made all the beds, and my dad mowed the lawn and helped Kyle move the washer and dryer that we just bought to the laundry room upstairs. This is on top of unloading the UHaul. Those things made the biggest difference to us.

Closet right after moving in.

Closet after I organized it on Sunday! This is one of the first things I tackled because it was driving me crazy. We have an awesome closet, and I had so much fun organizing it!

Organized master bathroom!

Next was our bathroom! It is definitely not perfect yet, but it is so much better. We have a double sink which is AMAZING. Especially compared to the tiny sink we shared before.

We also ventured out to explore the area a bit. Obviously most things weren’t open, but we needed to drop off our old wifi modem and get a few things for the house so we went to Dollar General. The DG right by our home is AMAZING, and I should not go in by myself. I got a few cute things to hang up once we start decorating, cute mosquito repellent jars/torches for the patio, and a few things that Kyle needed like surge protectors, batteries, bug spray, etc.

We also stopped at the park by our house to explore and get a walk in. It is so beautiful here, and I am LOVING the warm weather.

We have been LOVING our outdoor area and have spent a ton of time out there. There are houses all around us, but we somehow still feel so secluded because of all the hills. All of our neighbors are so kind, and I am feeling the southern hospitality already!

We have been exploring our neighborhood too by going on walks and runs. I downloaded the Peleton app and have been LOVING their work outs! If you download by May 1st, you get three months free!! They have all sorts of workouts like running, walking, bodyweight, yoga, stretching, etc.

I completed this run/walk yesterday, and it was amazing! The instructor is cheering you on the whole time and telling you instructions while playing pump up music. After my run was complete, I walked a little bit and listened to Episode 57 of The Real Reel podcast. It’s one of my favorites right now! Natalie is so motivating, and her interviews are always educational and encouraging.

Bedroom design

I love all of the natural light in our bedroom! I feel so much more awake when the sun shines on my face.

Visiting my niece

And the most important thing we got to do was go see our baby Joy through the door! It was so hard to not cuddle her, but I am so thankful we got to see her and her mama. I am so excited to be in the same state as my brothers and sisters, and I am so ready to be able to be within 6 feet of them!!

I know this recap was all over the place, BUT I hope you enjoyed the little peak into our moving weekend. I am so excited to keep telling you about our new adventure.

Update me on your life in the comments below! I feel like it’s been forever, and I would love to hear how you are all doing. 🙂

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