Almond milk cappuccino

Work outs, grocery haul, and trips to the library!


Glass of greens

Up at 4AM! I drank my greens and ate some granola before heading to the gym.

I had a great leg workout followed by time on the stair master. I love jumping into the week with a good sweat sesh on Monday mornings.

I had Chia Oats Over Night for breakfast, a bowl from Qdoba for lunch, and a chicken and rice dish for dinner from our fave cookbook (Cook Once Eat All Week). We watched a movie and settled in for the night. In order to get up and work out early in the morning, I prioritize my sleep big time. I usually start my bedtime routine around 7 and fall asleep by 9.


My day off!! My manager gives us a day off every month, and today was mine. I was feeling really bloated when I woke up so I immediately drank my greens which helped so much. Kyle and I signed up for an 8AM Orange Theory class so I drank an energy drink on the way there. I also ate a little granola. I love these energy drinks as pre workout because it wakes me up and doesn’t give me jitters.

Orange Theory Class stats on watch

Post Orange Theory class stats! It felt really good to get a huge sweat on before starting the day.

I made us a protein smoothie when we got home.

  • I cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup unsweetened cold brew
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 spoonful chia seeds
  • 1/2 spoonful coconut oil
Botox syringes set up

After I ate and cleaned up, I headed to my neurologist’s office to get my second round of botox for my migraines. My neurologist is trained in this and has had a lot of success with it helping her patients. She told me it takes up to three rounds to see if it truly is going to help, so I am praying that it helps me this time! It was a series of 30+ shots in the back of my head, neck, shoulders, and on my forehead. They sting for a few seconds, but it is all over in less than 5 minutes.

After I was finished at the doctor, I headed home to pick up Kyle and go to lunch. We decided to go to Chili’s because it had been a minute since we last went, and we love splitting their fajitas. It didn’t disapoint!

Tablet, notebook, and iced coffee at the library

Kyle has been going to the library every day to study so I decided to go with him. I worked on a blog post about my morning routine (which is going live this week) and looked for jobs. It was really fun working in a new environment, and I think we are going to try to go once together every weekend from now on.

After being at the library for a few hours, we headed home for the evening. I washed my face and put on this mask because my skin looked so congested. I love the way this one smells, draws out all the gunk, and calms my skin down.


Yoga mat and green tea

I woke up around 4:30AM to do this yoga routine before going to work. It felt so good to stretch out and relax my muscles. I love drinking green tea while doing yoga too.

I made the same protein smoothie for breakfast that I made yesterday. This always keeps me satisfied until lunch, and I never get sick of it.

I had a salad and breadstick from Olive Garden for lunch and baked salmon, carrots, and potatoes for dinner. This is one of my all time favorite dinners, and we usually eat it once a week.

Salon set up

I had my monthly wax and facial tonight so I headed there after dinner. I am still getting a dermaplane every month, and it has been so good for my skin.

After my appointment, I went home and got ready for bed!


I had some oats on my way to Orange Theory at 5AM. It was a great work out, and I was really happy I went. I woke up thinking I was going to the gym, but they had an opening in the class so I signed up about 20 minutes before it started! When I got home, I made the same breakfast smoothie and got ready for work.

Lunch was chicken, green beans, and a biscuit. Dinner was a bowl with rice, chicken, turkey sausage, and peppers. I think this one is my favorite from our cookbook so far.


I had my bag packed to go to the gym, but when I woke up, I just felt plain bad. I felt so achey, nauseous, and my head hurt. I decided to go back to sleep for a little bit. I felt so much better when I woke up and was so glad.

I drank my greens and stretched out for a while before heading to work. I ate my oats once I got to work and had my leftovers from last night for lunch. I worked in radiation today, and it was a pretty uneventful Friday.

When I got home, Shaylynn came to stay with us for the night. We went to dinner and just hung out at home for the night. I can’t explain how good it was to be together again. I miss her every dang day!

Saturday and Sunday

When we woke up, we headed to Wild Eggs for breakfast! There french toast never disappoints.

After Shay headed home, we did our weekly chores before Kyle headed up to the office to study. While he studied, I ordered our groceries and a pizza from Pies and Pints for a late lunch/early dinner.

Our groceries were delivered shortly after eating lunch, and I began the meal prep process. I prepped all the food for our meals and made protein balls for us to have this week. I used this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers! Kyle and I both finished around 6PM. We decided to start Dexter tonight, and I have no idea how I have gone this long without watching it!

On Sunday morning, I had a protein ball before heading to church. I made an iced coffee and was so blessed by the sermon today. My pastor said that the shame we feel is not a feeling from God, and that hit me hard.

Chicken sandwich and fruit

Kyle made me a buffalo chicken sandwich with lettuce and mustard with fruit on the side. So yummy but the chicken was SPICY.

Kyle and I packed up our bags after lunch and headed to the library for a few hours. I had an iced coffee with almond milk. I worked on this blog post, finished another one, looked for jobs, and planned my week.

Questions for you!

  1. Do you do your best work at home or do you have to go somewhere else in order to concentrate?
  2. What’s your favorite pre work out?
  3. Tell me one thing you’re excited for this week!

2 thoughts on “Work outs, grocery haul, and trips to the library!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I do my best work at home with no one around to distract me. I am easily distracted by other people. There are times though where I do enjoy doing “administrative work” from a coffee shop but I always know I won’t get any large project done there either!
    How is the job hunt going? Have you found an apartment/rental yet?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      That makes total sense! We were in Starbucks the other day and people were trying to work, but it is so loud in there! I couldn’t do it either.
      Eh the house hunt is going better than the job hunt right now. We have a couple of houses saved to see if they’re available when it’s a little closer! Lots of good options. I’m still working on finding a job I can do from home, but I’m not giving up hope! 🙂

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