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More 5AM work outs, migraine days, and new meals!

Happy Monday, everybody! This week’s recap is kind of boring because I was struggling with headaches most days and didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do. I hope it is still a good read! 🙂


I got to the gym around 5:15 for an hour long work out. I worked on legs and then ended on the stair master.

Oats over night

I ate my oats over night during our Monday morning meeting. We meet every Monday morning to discuss new patients, patients whose disease has progressed, patients who are going hospice, etc. It can be a sad discussion, but it is important for us all to be on the same page and be in the know. The meeting includes all of the nurses and the patient navigators. The navigators meet the patient first and walk them through the whole treatment process and are there for them during their entire journey.

For lunch, I had a big salad, grilled veggies, and chicken. After lunch, I had a fruit bowl I brought from home. It was so yummy and gave me a glimpse of that summer feeling!

Tacos and salad

We made tacos and a salad for dinner. The tacos are from Cook Once Eat All Week and the salad was a kit from Aldi. I wasn’t a big fan of the gluten free tortillas I bought so I used tortilla chips instead. We watched House of Cards for a little bit and then headed to bed.


I was back at the gym around 5 for an arm workout followed by 61 flights of stairs on the stair master!! Slowly getting to my goal of 90 flights!

Oats over night and vitamins

Once I got to work, I had my oats and took my vitamins.

I woke up feeling really good today but after a few hours at work, I had an awful headache, felt super nauseous, and had the worst cramps. I finished up my patients, and my manager told me to go home. I curled up on the couch with a heated blanket and got some crackers and sprite down eventually. I moved to our bed later and crashed for the night.


Lemon, ginger tea and yoga mat

I woke up feeling mostly better besides the cramps so I made some lemon ginger tea and pulled out my yoga mat. I followed this Yoga with Adriene video and felt so relaxed afterwards! I definitely have not been stretching like I should after my work outs so this helped get me back on track.

I had my smoothie and drank my greens before heading to work.

Today was a good day for my PMSing self. A patient brought us donuts and lunch was pizza and salad. What more could I ask for?

Once I got home, I put a face mask on and curled up on the same spot on our couch. Yes, that is Kyle grilling outside in the snow. He made amazing burgers that I ate a little bit of before heading to bed.


We were supposed to get a bad snow storm over night so I cancelled my Orange Theory class last night just in case. If you cancel less than 8 hours in advance, you lose the class. When I woke up, it definitely had snowed but wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be.

I had a super slow, relaxing morning before heading to work. I had my smoothie and greens for breakfast. I left a little early in case the roads were rough, and I am glad I did!

It was a winter wonderland outside. So pretty!

Lunch was Lee’s chicken which means I ate a biscuit and green beans for lunch.

Kyle was still at the library working on a paper when I got home, so I did a big load of laundry and watched youtube videos.

Chicken and steak fajitas with rice and beans

Kyle picked up fajitas from Chuy’s for dinner, and it was delicious! We went to bed shortly after that.


Work out stats

I headed to the gym at 5 to work out. I did a total body work out and 62 flights of stairs! It was a good morning 🙂

I didn’t take a lot of pictures today. but I had my oats after my work out like usual.

Salad and chicken

I had a big salad and chicken finger for lunch.

Kyle had planned the perfect night in for Valentine’s Day just like I asked. I am so thankful.


We were up at 6 to eat some granola and get energized before our 7AM OTF class. I love starting off our weekends by getting in a good work out together. It set us up for a great and productive day.

We stopped by Jack’s to pick up donuts and coffee before heading home! We sampled the applesauce donuts, and they were delicious! I also got an iced coffee and added almondmilk when I got home.

Protein shake

I also downed a protein shake before indulging in my donuts. 🙂 I use unsweetened almondmilk and vega chocolate protein powder.

After eating and showering, we got to work on the chores. Kyle changed the oil in both cars while I cleaned the floors and bathrooms, did laundry, and ordered the groceries. Once Kyle was finished, we did all of the meal prep for the week from our Cook Once Eat All Week cookbook. He then went to pick up dinner from Jaggers while I cleaned up the kitchen. I had a side salad, chicken fingers, and fries. Seriously my favorite fast food EVER. We are currently watching The Purge. Not the movies, the TV show on Hulu. It’s actually really good if you like the movies!


Bible and energy drink at church

Church time! The pastor who spoke today spoke on forgiveness, and it was so powerful. His wife was murdered 7 years ago, and he talked about his own journey with difficult forgiveness. I can’t even imagine. He said it was impossible for us to experience God’s forgiveness if we do not extend forgiveness ourselves. That hit me hard!

Kyle and I had a little coffee date before meeting my parents and nana for lunch.

Taking Chance on a walk

We took Chance for a walk in the beautiful weather before we had a lazy afternoon/evening!

Questions for you!
1. What other posts would you like to see from me?

2. Would you watch Vlogs if I made them?

3. What’s your favorite coffee order??

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    I love your weekly recap posts because they “keep it real”! I would love it if you had a post about your goals for the year, any travel plans, how the plans for the move are going and how you are doing with the job search, and maybe a budgeting post! I guess I should just say everything! HAHA!

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