Early morning work outs, haircut, and new meals!

Good morning everybody! I hope you’re ready to take on the week and had a relaxing weekend. 🙂 I don’t have much else to say so let’s get down to my weekly recap!


glass of greens

I was up at 4AM to head to the gym. I drank my greens before I left and had some granola in the car. I use opti greens from 1st Phorm and love them! The taste and texture are really good which is a big deal for me!

Planet Fitness locker room

I had a glute/leg work out and followed it with sprints on the treadmill. I am so thankful that changing up my workout routine has already sparked my love for running again! I was able to go so much farther/faster than I thought I would, and I had a glimpse of what my runner’s high used to feel like. Nothing compares!

Once I got to work, I had my protein shake, verb bar, and applesauce. Lunch was turkey sticks, cucumbers and snap peas, hummus, and lime tortilla chips.

When I came home, Kyle had a little blogging nook made up for me on the couch. It had my heated blanket all warmed up, my tablet, and green tea. It was perfect! I washed my face, put on this face mask, and wrote my recap post for the previous week. You can read it here!

Side note. Ever since I graduated college, I started having trouble with my skin. I’ve had everything from basic acne to large pores to painful, cystic acne. Ever since I started getting facials, I have started switching my products to IMAGE Skincare products which is what my studio uses. They have changed my skin for the better, and I haven’t tried one I didn’t like! This face mask is my new favorite. It instantly calms my skin and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated. I leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off the remaining gel after. Highly recommend it!

White Chicken Chili and tortilla chips

Kyle put together the white chicken chili from our new cookbook. It was delicious! It went great with a few lime tortilla chips.

I made my bedtime tea and headed to bed around 8. I like to do my devotional and read some of a book before going to sleep. It helps me fall asleep faster and wake up in the night less.


I had a lot of trouble getting up this morning because my head was hurting me. I decided to stay home instead of going to the gym and did yoga for about 30 minutes. I’ve used Yoga with Adriene youtube videos for years and have learned so much from her. I still follow her videos frequently, but I have also learned what is best for me and make up my own routine sometimes which is what I did today. It helped my head so much, and I am so thankful I found her videos!

I made my smoothie after I showered and hung out with these goobers before heading to work!

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of my lunch, and I have no idea what it was!!

Dinner tonight was hilarious. We were so excited to try the Meatza from our new cookbook, but we screwed up big time. The recipe uses hamburger meat instead of crust, cream cheese instead of pizza sauce, and called for spinach and artichoke as the toppings. I don’t like artichoke so I chopped up zucchini to use instead. Well, Kyle thought the cucumber was the zucchini so he put those on the meatza instead. GROSS. The texture of the whole thing threw me off, and we decided to make our normal pizzas instead. I used the Daiya dairy free shredded cheese on mine, and it was ok! I think we’re going to stop messing with our pizza recipes from now on:)

Hair salon waiting room

I headed to H2H Salon to get my hair chopped. Katie has been doing my hair for the last 6 months, and I wish I could take her with me to Nashville! She always knows what I want, and I never leave there less than excited about my hair!

When I was done, I headed home and went straight to bed.


Apple watch work out monitor

I grabbed a verb bar and was out the door at 4:30AM for my 5AM Orange Theory class.

I had my smoothie while I was getting ready for work and drank my greens right before I headed out the door.

I had some downtime right when I got to work so I drank my energy drink, did my start today journal, and took my vitamins! I took the quiz on takecareof.com, and these vitamins are what they recommended for me.

Kyle gets around 2 migraines a year, but when he does, they are so severe. I came home to him barely being able to stand or speak. I gave him some medications which he promptly threw up, and he finally fell asleep after a few hours of being miserable. I had some granola and fruit while I was cleaning/working on a few things for the blog and being super quiet. I headed to bed around 8PM!


I was up at 4AM and headed to the gym at 4:30AM. I had some coffee and a verb bar on the drive. I worked on my arms and walked at an incline for 30 minutes.

Once I got to work, I had a protein shake, peanut butter, and a banana. Today was so crazy. I drew labs on a patient and then sent him to the hospital to get a scan and then come back after. While he was gone, the lab results came back and showed he was not okay. I had to call over to the hospital, hunt him down, and send him to the ER. Thankfully he is going to be fine and is getting help as we speak!

I missed lunch, but my friend Nicole had already gone out and got me my favorite for lunch :D. She made my day!

For dinner, we made beef stroganoff and zucchini noodles. We had this at my brother’s house when we were in TN at the beginning of the month, and we absolutely loved it. We watched House of Cards before heading to bed around 8:00!


Breakfast smoothie and greens

I had my breakfast smoothie and greens before heading to work. I am learning how to balance working out and rest days right now. I chose to have a rest day today!

Salad and chicken breast

Lunch was a chicken breast and salad. Boring but good and filling!

When I got home, I changed into comfy clothes and we headed to Flix Brewhouse for date night! We saw 1917, and it was so good! Definitely emotional and raw, but I really enjoyed it. Flix has the best fried pickles and pizzas.

We had a great night and headed to bed as soon as we got home 🙂


Orange Theory stats

Orange Theory was awesome this morning! I am usually a power walker with a steep incline during our treadmill circuit, but I chose to run today and felt amazing.

Chocolate protein smoothie

I made a smoothie with chia seeds for us after our class. It had almondmilk, cold brew, chocolate protein powder, coconut oil, ice cubes, and chia seeds. It hit the spot and was a great protein filler.

Bondi Sands self tanner

I finally used my self tanner after my shower today! I feel so much better when I have a little color on my legs and arms, and this does the trick for me! It doesn’t streak, get on my clothes, or smell bad in my opinion. I rub the foam on with a mit using long strokes, leave it on for a few hours, and rinse the residue off in the shower. I seriously love it! The color gets darker each day, and I usually use it once a week if I want to keep up on the color.

Lunch was enchilada zucchini boats and cauliflower rice. I also had an energy drink to keep me going in the afternoon.

I spent the afternoon ordering our groceries, meal prepping our dinners for the week, and cutting up fruit for snacks all while Kyle was studying. Once we were both finished, we headed to my parent’s house because Daniel, Cassie, and Joy came for the weekend. We had Pizza King, cuddled the baby, and spent the evening together. I left my phone in my bag the whole night, and it was great 🙂


Granola and coffee in the morning

I munched on some granola and drank coffee before getting ready for church.

Bible and coffee at church

I made an iced coffee with almondmilk, and we headed to church. I am going to miss our church so much when we move. The worship is always powerful, the people are all so kind and welcoming, and the message is ALWAYS something I can understand and use in real life.

Lunch was a smorgasbord of foods which is my favorite kind of lunch. I had a sandwich with turkey, lettuce, mustard, and whole wheat bread, salt and vinegar kettle chips, pineapple, peppers, and pickles. These energy drink have become my all time favorite because they’re super yummy, not full of trash, and give me energy without the jitters.

Healthy food prep

I spent the rest of the day finishing our meal prep, cleaning, and getting ready to go back to work. The picture above shows some of my staples that I always have for lunch/snacks/work out fuel. I also keep this stuff stocked for Kyle since he’s at home in class most days!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Kyle picked up wings for our Super Bowl meal, and we settled on the couch for the evening! I was mainly in it for the commercials. I went to bed after the halftime show and had no ill feelings about it 😀

Questions for you!

  1. What is the last book you finished?
  2. Are you a caffeine junkie like me or do you live a caffeine free life?
  3. How do you like your pizza?

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