Weekly Recap: New Years, Orange Theory, and Road Trip!

Good morning, everybody! I pray you all had a restful weekend and are ready to take on the week. I haven’t officially explained all of this, but Kyle was accepted into graduate school in Nashville, TN to become a Nurse Anesthetist. I am so insanely proud of him and know he is going to be incredible (even more than he already is). He starts THIS WEEK, but the classes are all online until the Spring so we won’t be moving until April. However, he has to be on campus for orientation week which starts today so we traveled to Nashville yesterday. Kyle has to be in class all day Monday- Thursday so I’ll be hanging with my sister and baby niece. We’ll do something fun on Friday to celebrate him finishing his first week..Next week’s recap will be much more fun since it’ll be about Nashville, but here is what I did last week!


I was up at 4:15 for Chance and I to go on a run before work. We did a 2 mile walk/run which is what we have been doing lately to work on my speed. We’ll be upping the miles probably after we come home from Nashville.

Breakfast smoothie

After I showered, I made my smoothie and completed my Start Today journal and devotional.

All packed up and headed to work. I have black coffee and always bring snacks for work. I took turkey sticks, applesauce, blueberries, and cauliflower crisps to eat throughout the day. I find that if I don’t snack throughout the day, I eat a ton at lunch and feel miserable and more tired after.

I forgot that I was working in radiation today, and I didn’t pack a full lunch so I grabbed a southwest salad and small fry from Wendy’s. I have always loved this salad, and it didn’t disappoint today!

When I got home, I took Chance out and then started working on a few different blog posts. Before I knew it, Kyle texted me saying he was on his way back home. I was planning on cooking for dinner, but he brought home Jagger’s since I had been working all evening. Their chicken sandwiches, fries, and side salads are SO GOOD. We watched The Office and promptly fell asleep on the couch. I woke up a few hours later and we dragged ourselves upstairs to go to bed. Our new couch is so comfy so it’s super easy to fall asleep in the evenings, but I hate waking up hours later and having to wash my face, brush my teeth, etc when I’m half asleep. Silly, I know.


We had an Orange Theory class scheduled at 7AM, but I woke up with a pounding migraine so I took my medicine and went back to sleep. I hate missing, but my migraines always get worse if I don’t take care of it right away.

We were both off work today and tomorrow so we wanted to get a few things done. First, food.

Chicken and beef fajitas

We went to El Rodeo to split fajitas before tackling our day. I seriously love having days off together- we get so much done and I love doing errands together instead of alone. It’s also fun just having days off during the week and not just the weekend. I definitely miss that from when I worked 3 12 hour shifts a week. Since we’re moving soon, I’m taking this opportunity to think about what jobs I want to apply to. Not sure if I want to keep working in a chemotherapy center or if it’s time to do something new. So many options!

Dog treat shopping

We had to head to Meijer to pick up a few things that I forgot to add to our Instacart this week. We ended up in the pet section like we always do. We almost always end up bringing Chance something home whenever we go to the store even though he has a million toys. 😀 We just can’t help it. Also just a friendly reminder that rawhide free is the way to go for your four legged children. There bellys can’t digest rawhide properly and it has zero nutrients for them. 🙂 There are plenty of reasonably priced alternatives like antlers, real bones, etc. that your puppers will love!

Chance and I on the couch

Once we finished our errands, we went home and settled on the couch to pick out the movies we wanted to watch before the New Years festivities on TV. Chance got off the couch, sat by my feet, and draped an arm on my leg. So cute and funny.

Jenga and new movies

We settled on The Spy Who Dumped Me and The Breakup. Both movies were so good!! Hilarious and entertaining for sure. We played a few rounds of Jenga throughout our movies before our food was delivered.

Chinese food for New Years Eve

We love Chinese food but don’t order it very often so that’s what we went with! I had bourbon chicken and potstickers and Kyle had General Tso’s chicken and crab rangoons. We ate GOOD.

I fell asleep for a little bit after our movies, but Kyle woke me up around 11 to ring in the New Year! We watched the ball drop and promptly headed to bed. I can’t stay up for anything anymore but if you need me at 4AM, I’ll be there wide awake and ready to go! I can’t even blame it on getting older, I’ve always been like that.


Coffee and shopping

I was up around 6AM and used the time to get a few things done. I finally ordered us silicone rings to wear when we’re working out. I hate wearing my ring when lifting or rowing but hate going ringless even more! I’m so excited for them to get here. I also ordered shampoo (I use Virtue), worked on our budget for January, and answered some emails.

Greens and berries

I also had some berries and drank my greens while I worked. I have definitely seen a difference since I’ve been drinking greens every day. I’ve had more energy and less bloating throughout the day.

Iced coffee in the car

As soon as Kyle woke up, we poured some cold brew in to go cups and headed to my best friend Lexie’s house to see their new baby!! We had planned to go today but was waiting until she texted me saying it was a good time to come. We only live 10 minutes apart so we were there pretty fast after she texted me. I was so excited to see her, Shane, and sweet baby Lyla! She is so precious and adorable. We spent some time catching up and cuddling the baby before we headed out. I took a million pictures, but I’m not posting them just because that’s not my choice to make for them. Just know she is adorable. Lexie and Shane are already amazing parents, and it was so fun watching them be in this new role!

My Aunt texted me while we were at Lexie’s asking if we could meet her, my uncle, cousin, and parents for lunch. We said heck yes and decided to go to Ford’s Garage. Their salmon is the BEST. Kyle and I headed straight there to put our name in since they’re so busy. We walked across the sidewalk to have chips and guacamole while we waited since we were so hungry 😋 The table was ready shortly after the rest of my family arrived.

Salmon, rice, and broccoli


Coffee while watching Mandalorian

Once we parted ways with my family, we went back home to relax on the couch and drink coffee. We watched the new episode of Mandalorian, and it didn’t disappoint.

Bedtime tea and donut

We just relaxed for the rest of the day, and it was awesome. I was still full from lunch hours later so I finally had one of the donuts that we had bought for breakfast. Plus bedtime tea. We headed to bed shortly after this to get a good nights sleep before heading back to work!


Orange Theory Fitness 5AM class

I went to a 5AM OTF class before work. I can definitely give more to these classes when I go before work rather than after. Going into 2020 strong!

Drinking my greens

I drank my greens while getting ready for the day. This week was my “early week” which means I have to be at work at 7:30 and leave at 4. On “late weeks”, I go in at 8 and leave at 4:30/later if we have patients who go over. I wasn’t sure how rushed I would be going to a class on my early week but it turned out fine!

Oats Over Night before work

I had oats over night for the first time today. I mixed the oats with almond milk, shook it up, and left it in the fridge all night. It was all ready in the morning for me to have breakfast on my way to work! Super convenient and yummy! It was perfect for my early week.

Coffee at work

I had a cup of coffee when I got to work since I usually have coffee in my smoothie in the morning. It hit the spot!

Wendy's lunch

Work was so busy today since we were closed for two days this week! We didn’t have lunch today since it was a Holiday week so I ran to Wendy’s and ate on the go.

Chance sleeping on couch

I worked on some blog posts when I got home from work. Chance couldn’t hang.

Lemon chicken, zucchini, and couscous

I made lemon chicken, baked zucchini, and couscous for dinner courtesy of Hello Fresh. This is definitely a new favorite. I ate my dinner before Kyle was home so I could go to bed because my head was killing me for some reason. It came out of nowhere. I waited for Kyle to come home to say good night. I hate not having dinner together, but that’s just how it worked tonight.


Breakfast smoothie

I was planning on going to an OTF class before work, but my head was still bothering me. I decided to take more medicine and sleep a little longer. I felt so much better when I woke up! I had my breakfast smoothie before heading to work.

Start Today journal

I also made time to do my Start Today journal.

I was in our prep room today with another nurse. Patients come in to get their labs drawn before chemo, get shots (vitamin b12, shots for hemoglobin or white blood cells or platelets), or for us to flush and clean their central lines. It’s not necessarily the work that is difficult, it’s how busy that room can get! Usually the nurse I worked with is by herself so it was nice that there were two of us today. I loved working with her and we got stuff DONE. We had people coming in through lunch so I ran out to get Wendy’s again for both of us while she kept taking patients.

Burgers and broccoli from Hello Fresh

After work, Kyle made us burgers and broccoli! Whenever they are an option, we always pick burgers from HF because they are so good! We started watching Jack Ryan tonight, and it’s so good!!


Orange Theory Fitness 7AM work out

Kyle had to work today so when he left for work, I left for a 7AM OTF class. Nothing wakes me up like jump squats.

Protein smoothie

I made a smoothie with raspberries, banana, almondmilk, and protein powder right after class.

Taking coffee to Kyle at work

I brought Kyle a coffee when I was running errands today. You never know what’s going to come to the floor on the weekend.

Reading a book while giving plasma

Then I headed to give plasma! I used to do this all the time in college and thought I would start again. With Kyle going back to school, we’re trying to save money any way we can. This is such an easy thing to do that helps so many people. My patients are in a constant need of blood products to get through their chemotherapy treatments. They’ve opened my eyes in a whole new way of how important this is. Plus it’s awesome that they compensate for it!

After I was done, I went to Rack Room Shoes because Kyle and I were both in need of new shoes. All of their shoes were BOGO 50% off including clearance! I got a pair of tennis shoes, two pairs of boots on clearance, and a new pair of casual slip on shoes for Kyle all for $100. That’s pretty good for quality shoes!

Chick Fil A

I waited too long to eat after giving plasma so I was feeling a little lightheaded before I got home. I stopped by chick fil a to get lunch and it made me feel 100% better.

Chance sleeping on couch

Chance has no understanding of personal space, and I love it so much.

Packing for Nashville

Time to pack for Nashville! I definitely overpacked because I’m not sure what Kyle is going to need. Better safe than sorry, right?!

Beef fajita tacos from Hello Fresh

Teriyaki fajita tacos for dinner. These were amazing!! We watched more Jack Ryan and went to bed.


When we woke up, I went straight to finishing packing. Kyle took Chance on a long walk while I cleaned and then we packed up the car and headed out. We had to stop by CVS to pick up a few things ( I needed more moisturizer), grabbed an ice coffee from Starbucks (with coconut milk), and dropped off something I sold on Poshmark at the post office.

Iced coffee with coconut milk

I worked on some blog stuff, and we listened to an audible book called The Ex. We love listening to audiobooks or podcasts during car rides. We finished The Wife during our last trip to Nashville, and it was so good!

Inspiration is Everywhere mural in Lexington

Lexington is so cool..

Chance and I in car

Puppies and sunshine ☀️

Chance sleeping in car

Car rides are EXHAUSTING.

Taking Chance on a walk during road trip to Nashville

Chance does much better on long car rides if we make pit stops to let him stretch his legs. He could go for 12 hours without peeing, but that’s not good for anybody!

Chance drinking water from Gorilla Grip portable bowl

Also big thanks to Gorilla Grip for sending us a collapsible water bowl with our seat protector. It’s so much easier to pack/use than his water bottle, and I just fill it up with my hydro jug. Dogs can get dehydrated just like people can, but it’s not as easy to keep them hydrated on trips. This helps us so much!

Kyle and I during roadtrip

52 degrees, sunny, and windy in Kentucky today! I can’t believe it’s January..

Me, Kyle, and Chance on our road trip

Hahaha I can’t stop laughing at this photo and the expression on Chance’s face. I swear he knows when I’m taking a picture and poses.

We got to my brother and sister in law’s around 5pm. They ordered pizza and we watched The Office while we caught up. Our dogs are best friends.

New house decorated for Christmas

How cute is their new house?!

Baby Joy in rocker next to Christmas Tree

We had all the baby snuggles before she fell asleep in her rocker. So glad we’re here!

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Questions for YOU!:

1. Any places you recommend in the Nashville area?!

2. Any tips for Kyle on going to grad school?

3. Tell me one goal you have for January!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: New Years, Orange Theory, and Road Trip!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I don’t have any Nashville recommendations BUT when you are in TN you MUST make a trip over to Memphis. Memphis is such a great place and you should plan to run the St. Jude Half Marathon or Marathon while you’re there and you can stay at the New Graceland Hotel (which is beautiful) and then if you’re so inclined there is a Cheesecake Factory within driving distance for a pre or post race meal!
    I also can’t give Kyle any advice but in a few years I’ll be looking for his advice as I start my MBA! Have you guys gone apartment hunting yet in Nashville?? Is the school he’s going to in the city or suburbs? p.s. You can email me if you prefer to respond to me there … gogirl001us@yahoo.com

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Awesome!! We’ll have to add Memphis to our list. I don’t think either of us have been there! That all sounds like a blast and right up my alley. 🙂
      I am definitely planning on writing a lot about what we learn as he goes through grad school in hopes of helping and learning from other people! We have looked at a few areas around his school for places to live, but it’s so hard this far in advance! But April will be here before we know it so hopefully we will be able to find something available around that time sooner than later. We are praying we can find another rental house instead of an apartment, but we’ll see! His school is in in Madison which is a suburb in northeast Nashville 🙂

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