Weekly Recap: Early Morning Workouts, Foods, and CHRISTMAS!

Good morning everybody! And happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to own your week. I got a few things accomplished this week and am so excited to bring in this new year with my hubby and puppy. But before I can do that, we have a recap to post. 🙂


Breakfast smoothie, Start Today journal, and devotional

I woke up around 4:15 which was about 45 minutes before my alarm was to go off so I got up anyways! I loved having the extra time to do my Start Today journal and devotional while I had my smoothie. It definitely started my day off right.

Mirror selfie at work in Figs

We actually had a pretty calm day at work on Monday. It was nice to have some downtime because it is rare. I’m still obsessed with these FIGS scrubs and wash and rewear them multiple times a week. They are so soft, flexible, and cute. I’m wearing the jogger pants and one pocket scrub top. Definitely worth the investment!

Funny moment of the day. One of our patients brought us all in bags of chocolate shaped like coal. He came in with a stocking full of chocolate and wearing a santa hat. We have the best patients.

Chicken fajitas, chips, and salsa

For lunch, they brought in the BEST Mexican food. The chicken fajitas were amazing. I was feeling good for most of the day and then a headache set in in the late afternoon. Thankfully, I got through the work day and could head home soon after it started hurting. I took my medicine and laid down on the couch. I was knocked out pretty quickly and woke up a few hours later to Kyle having made homemade pizzas and felt so much better.

Homemade pizza

If you can’t tell by this picture, Kyle is all about the extra cheese. 😀

After dinner, we headed to bed and somehow I slept like a baby even after a long nap.



Early morning orange theory outfit

Kyle and I were up for a 7AM Orange Theory class. It was such a great way to start the day, and I am so thankful that we started going to OTF. I’ve been feeling so much better and am already seeing results from going for the last month.

Verb Energy protein bar

Here is my new favorite protein bar! Verb Energy bars. They are so delicious, are packed with protein, and gives me a boost of energy without a crash. I’ve been having them before OT or long run or a big workout instead of the preworkout drink I used to have. I had this one in the car on our way to class. Salted Peanut Butter is my favorite flavor hands down.

Strawberry banana protein smoothie

I made Kyle and I strawberry, banana smoothies with vanilla protein powder after we got home from class. Then it was stocking time!

I love buying stocking stuffers so much, but Kyle really stepped it up this year! He is so sneaky with buying things that I point out in stores, and I don’t know how he does it! We got cleaned up, made coffee, put our Christmas jammies on, and exchanged stockings. The funniest thing is that Kyle put a package of hair catchers for our shower drain in mine. I shed so much which clogs up the drain (which is disgusting), and Kyle is the one who always cleans it out because I just can’t. Hopefully this helps both of us 😀

The Santa Clause with christmas decorations

We had The Santa Clause on too which is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies! We’ve probably watched it at least 4 times this December.

Glass of greens

GREENS! aka my new obsession. Kyle and I started taking Opti Greens just a few weeks ago, and I am already feeling better. I am less bloated throughout the day, feel more energized, and I just love getting in more greens. I am not the best at eating veggies (which is something I am definitely working on) so this is a great start 🙂

Salmon, veggies, and couscous

Salmon, grilled veggies, and couscous thanks to Hello Fresh. Definitely one of my new favorite meals!

Taking a walk

It was 50 degrees in Indiana on Christmas Eve which was pretty crazy so we took Chance on a long walk before getting ready for church. Chance was so happy to have nice weather and the sunshine felt so good!

Almondmilk cappuccino, bible, and drive to church

We treated ourselves to coffee (Almond milk cappuccino with 2 shots sugar free mocha syrup, 2 shots peppermint syrup and 3 shots espresso) and headed to church.

Christmas Eve service

It was such a beautiful service. Our pastor gave a great sermon on not missing what God is saying to us, and it was a great wake up call.

Date to new Star Wars!

Then we headed to a late night showing of the new Star Wars. IT WAS SO GOOD! I cried multiple times and was so invested. It feels like the end of an era which is so bittersweet! Can’t wait to see it again.

Kyle and I are so excited about making our own traditions, and we decided to make Christmas Eve our night. We plan on going to a movie every year after our church service and then exchanging presents just like we did this year. It was such a special night for just us.



Pre run selfie on Christmas

We woke up around 6 and headed out for a 2 mile walk/run together to start our Christmas day right. It was about 50 degrees out and was so, so beautiful!

Raspberry banana protein smoothie

We were all out of frozen strawberries so I made raspberry, banana smoothies with vanilla protein powder after our run. They were delicious!

Coffee on Christmas morning

More coffee and Christmas movies before we began cooking!

Cauliflower crisps, oranges, and turkey snacks for lunch

I was getting hungry around lunchtime but wanted to save room for ALL the yummy Christmas foods so I made a little snack plate for us. Aldi had cauliflower crackers, and they are so tasty. It was the perfect snack to tide me over until Christmas dinner!

Christmas dinner

For Christmas, Kyle and I hosted our parents. They came over around 2, and I almost had everything ready 😀 We made macaroni and cheese (from Hello Fresh), baked brussel sprouts, roles, mashed cauliflower, and beef tenderloins. All the food turned out so well which made me super happy. I haven’t hosted before, and I’ve never made a big meal like this so I was nervous! Thankfully, Kyle took over the tenderloins because that is something I have not mastered.

Mocha punch while watching Elf

My mom made the most delicious mocha punch. I could have drank cup after cup but stuck with one. I knew the sugar rush would kick in, and I didn’t want to have too much dairy for my head.

We opened gifts, watched Elf, and talked for the rest of the afternoon. We got my parents a fire pit for their deck that they just refinished. It’s going to look so good, and I’m so excited to see it set up! We got Kyle’s parents a ring doorbell set. Funny thing is that his dad had gone out on Christmas Eve and bought himself one for their house. Literally a day before we gave them the same thing haha But they have two main doors so he said he was still excited to have another one for the other door so not a total loss. We also bought them an echo tablet so that they don’t always have to use their phones.

After our parents left, we cleaned up the living room/kitchen and watched the bonus features on Elf. We headed to bed shortly after! It was a good Christmas 🙂


Pre orange theory selfie

I was up at 4:15 on Thursday for my 5AM orange theory class before work!

Orange Theory early morning class

I forgot how much I loved working out before work. It’s getting easier and easier to wake up earlier, and I’m excited to make it a habit again. This class made me wake up, and I was so ready to take on the day after I accomplished it.

Breakfast smoothie

When I got home, I had my greens, showered, and made my breakfast smoothie. I ate that while I did my Start Today journal and devotions.

pizza king pizza

One of our docs bought pizza king for lunch, and I was so happy. Their Hawaiian pizza is my all time favorite.

Leaving the hospital with all my junk

Work was so busy today because we were treating all the patients who couldn’t get treated because we were closed for Christmas. It was so not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I was still one my toes all day. We finished about two hours later than we usually do, but I think that was pretty good for being closed for two days.

Chicken penne and southwest salad

Dinner was chicken penne from HF and southwest salad. Kyle didn’t get home until 8 so we headed to bed shortly after dinner.


Running shoes and leggings

I woke up at 4:15 to head out on a run with Chance. We did a 2 mile walk/run, and it was like 50 degrees still!

Breakfast smoothie

Breakfast smoothie and quiet time before work.

I had to stop to fill up my gas tank before work so I grabbed a bang from the convenience store. I was super tired this morning for some reason and this woke me right up haha

Grilled chicken sandwich and fries

My friend Nicole and I didn’t bring anything for lunch so I headed to McD’s on my lunch break for us. Lunches this week have been a joke in the healthy eating department haha I had the grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and a side salad.

Watching the new season of YOU

YOU SEASON 2 IS ON NETFLIX!! When I got home from work, I took Chance out and then started the second season. I am already hooked. It’s a super creepy, psychological, thriller show, and I love it so much.

Steak and chicken fajitas

Kyle picked up steak and chicken fajitas for dinner, and I wasn’t mad about it! We watched The Joker tonight, and it was so intense. I have so many thoughts but haven’t processed them all yet. It is such a sad story about the struggles with mental health. It is not a fun superhero/villain movie and should be watched with caution.


Work out outift for orange theory

Kyle and I woke up around 6:30 for our 8:00 orange theory class. It was a strength day and my arms and legs feel the burn for sure. But it’s still a great start to my day!

We stopped by Jack’s donuts for a little breakfast date before heading home. This place is usually packed, but we got there at the perfect time and like 15 people came in after us. Cinnamon sugar donuts are my all time favorite.

Then I made my greens and drank some coffee while I worked on my blog for a little bit before heading to my eye doctor appointment. My vision has gotten noticeably worse over the last few months, and I don’t think that’s helping my headaches.

Eye doctor appointment

Everything went well at the eye doctor! She said everything looked good and updated my glasses. She said my problem was that my eyes have a hard time adjusting from near to far distances (which is perpetuated by looking at screens all day) so we ordered glasses that are supposed to help that transition. I’m excited to see how they work for me!

McDonald's for lunch

McDonald’s two times in one week?! I won’t let myself make this a habit, but I loved it while it lasted 😀

Watching YOU with christmas decor

Once we got home from my appointment, we ate and watched more of YOU. Yes, I am obsessed. We were both so exhausted so it was super nice to just sit and do nothing. I need these days sometimes!

Hello Fresh burger and potato rounds

Dinner was burgers, potato rounds, and all the pickles. Kyle and I headed to bed shortly after dinner.


Donut and coffee

I woke up around 5:45 and had my last donut and a cup of coffee.

Church outfit of the day

Outfit of the day for church.

Our service was a little jump start into the new year. Our pastor gave us a pep talk about letting go of our struggles and giving them to God. It was a good way to end 2019 🙂

Buffalo Wild Wings menu

After church, I mailed something I sold on Poshmark and then went to bdubs for lunch!

My forever lunch date

We went to the early service so we were ready to eat when bdubs opened right at 11. Literally nobody else was there, and we got our food so fast. I still can’t get over that I get to be with this guy forever 🙂

My greens and book

We did laundry and cleaned up the house a bit before turning on football (Kyle), reading a book (me), and having our greens. That’s basically the rest of our night! We both work Monday but have Tuesday and Wednesday off to celebrate New Years! I’m writing a post now about my reflections on 2019 so that will be up later this week. I hope you all have an amazing week and a Happy New Year!

Questions for you!

1. Any New Years plans?

I think we’re going to get some yummy food, talk about our goals for 2020, watch a movie, and then watch the ball drop!

2. Any book recommendations?? I’m making a book list for 2020 and would love your thoughts 🙂

3. What are you most excited about for 2020? I’ll have a whole separate post on mine in two weeks!

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      Oh girl, you know it!! Thank you for always giving such positive feedback. I appreciate it so much! 🙂

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