Small, pink flower in bloom

Fall weather, Weekly Meals, and Running!


I woke up and had my breakfast smoothie plus 2 cups of spinach. When I went to work, I had a cup of peach tea because the creamer I put in my coffee was disgusting! I’ve heard a lot of people rave about nutpod creamers, but it is not my thing haha

Lunch was an assortment of turkey sticks, cheese sticks, pretzels, tomato slices, and an apple.

After work, we went on a family walk. It was gorgeous outside, and I soaked in every second! I LOVE FALL. We headed home to have dinner, and I forgot to take a picture. I don’t remember what we had, but I’m sure it was one of our few staples.


Breakfast smoothie and wedding photos

I woke up Tuesday morning and made my smoothie. Then I started working on my Shutterfly book for our wedding pictures. I love looking through these so I am so ready to have a book I can have in my hands whenever I want to reminisce.

Once I got to work, a fellow nurse and I headed over to the main hospital to do our annual education fair. They go all out.

They also gave us our flu shots after we completed the fair. PLEASE GET YOUR FLU SHOT! The flu is already hitting hard this year, putting many people in the hospital and even claiming lives along the way. If you don’t want to get it for yourself, get it for the newborn baby in your family who would become SEVERELY sick if exposed to the flu. Get it for the immunocompromised people in your community who are going through chemotherapy and truly can’t afford to be exposed to a virus as it will place them in the hospital at the very least. Get it for the kids who have certain disorders or allergies which make it impossible for them to get a vaccine, even if they wanted one. Do it for them. Because herd immunity is real and can save lives.

Salad and chili for lunch

Lunch was a salad and chili! We were so excited when we saw that they brought chili for lunch. It definitely puts us in the fall spirit.

Chance and I then headed out for a 2 mile run/walk. I was a little chilly in my short sleeve shirt, but it was still close to perfect outside for running! I’ve been working on increasing my speed during this training, and I’m definitely seeing a difference. It’s a hard balance between pushing myself and over stressing my body, but I am doing better at reading the signs!

BLTs and salad

After I got cleaned up, I made BLTs and a salad for dinner. We’ve been having BLTs once a week for months, and we are still not sick of them!


Breakfast Smoothie

Wednesday was such a hectic day at work that this smoothie kept me going until dinner. I used to have to work 12 hour shifts without a break my first year out of nursing school ( a lot of nurses do it for much longer), and I forgot how that felt! I do not function well without my fuel.

Chicken and steak fajitas

I picked up Kyle because we had a few errands to run right after work and then we got fajitas! I felt so much better after this. Then we headed home to take Chance on a walk, watch The Sinner, and head to bed.


(Breakfast smoothie first) Then headed to work!

Roast beef sandwich

I know this looks disgusting, but it is SO GOOD. We didn’t have any food at work so one of our volunteers went out and bought us all roast beef sandwiches from a place called Art’s. It is 100% greese and 100% delicious.

After work, Chance and I headed out for another long walk in the amazing fall weather!

I snacked on some pineapple while I worked more on our wedding album.

Homemade pizza and salad

Dinner was homemade pizzas and salad before heading to bed! On nights that Kyle works, we pretty much eat dinner and head straight to bed because he doesn’t get home until later and we like to go to bed early!


Breakfast was my smoothie plus 2 cups of spinach and lunch was a big salad, chicken, macaroni and cheese, and a roll.

Stay home date night! We were both tired after a long week and Kyle had to work the upcoming weekend so we decided to grab Chinese food and watch scary movies all evening. It was wonderful! We watched Eli and House of the Witch. Both were pretty good for Netflix scary movies haha


Chance and I post run outside in cold weather

Chance and I did another 2 mile run/walk on Saturday morning in the crisp, morning air! It was about 42 degrees so I wore long leggings, a tank top, and a light, quarter zip, long sleeve top. It was perfect!

Toast, pineapple, and hot chocolate

When Chance and I came home, I made toast, hot chocolate to warm up, and pineapple. I started watching the show Unbelievable on Netflix while eating and working on the computer, but it definitely took all of my attention. This show was so incredibly well done, and I hope that the women that it represents feel empowered and not alone. I can’t imagine what they went through for so long, especially the young lady who was told she was LYING, but they are so dang strong. Please just know that this show is about rape and could bring up a lot of feelings if this is a trigger for you. Watch it with a loved one or be ready to process if needed!

Chance had himself some post run snoozes while I rearranged a few things around in the living room. I like it much better the way I have it now! I also made a big batch of turkey chili which I’ll post a recipe on later this week or early next week!

Bowl of chicken noodle soup

I’ve been feeling a little bit of a cold coming on for a few days so chicken noodle soup sounded good for lunch. It hit the spot!

Fresh dip nail manicure

Fall nails fall nails fall nails! I get dip on my nails, and I love it so much. I used to get acrylics wayyyy back and then got gel for a few years which I love too. But I’ve been using the dip powder ever since my salon got it about a year ago! It doesn’t ruin my nails, it stays for 3-4 weeks, and it actually helps my nails grow and stay strong. After I got my nails done, I stopped by the dollar store for Halloween decorations. They have so many cute ones! I was so excited and bought so many things for our party next week.

Turkey chili and crackers

We had a bowl of my turkey chili and saltines for dinner. It’s so so good, and it’s a great way to sneak in a ton of veggies to people like Kyle who hate them 😀 We watched an episode of The Killing and headed to bed!


I had a cup of coffee and a few handfuls of granola while I worked on our wedding book some more.

Chicken noodle soup and crackers

The granola was not holding me over so I made another bowl of chicken noodle soup for breakfast/lunch.

Chance was asleep for a solid 2 hours on the couch before abruptly waking up with his ears looking crazy. He cracks me up!

Chance and I headed out for a walk once he fully woke up! We were both happy to be out in the sunshine and beautiful weather.

Small, pink flower in bloom

We saw this pretty little flower randomly blooming by a construction site near our house. It made my heart happy.

Now I’m going to watch the third season of 13 Reasons Why (watch with caution) and work on our chore and meal schedule and grocery list for next week!

Questions for you!

  1. What is your favorite soup?
  2. Do you like to get your nails done? If so, what kind?
  3. What are you reading right now?

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