Finished DIY TV stand!

DIY TV Stand!

Ever since we moved into our new house, we had been using our cheap coffee table from IKEA as a TV stand because our wall mount wouldn’t work on our wall due to spacing. The coffee table worked fine, but it wasn’t the cutest. Plus it was super cluttered and had zero storage space.

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I had been saying I wanted to get a new one for a while then one day, Kyle came up with this idea out of nowhere. It sounded so easy so we headed to Lowe’s…

We bought nine wooden crates, wood glue, stain, paintbrushes, and a tarp. I think the glue in the squeeze bottle would work just fine, but Kyle has a caulk gun so he bought that version. We used the liquid nails brand, and it worked perfectly! We started by gluing each crate together vertically and turned them on their side to glue the three rows together. That way gravity was on our side. The glue dried super fast, and it was all glued within an hour. Don’t forget to look for any glue that is smooshing out from the sides and ends and wipe it off before it dries. After it felt stable, we put it right side up. We also glued a small piece of wood on the top of the TV stand to have something to stabilize the TV. Then we went on to staining. We bought two new paintbrushes made for staining that we were fine with throwing away afterwards. I’m not sure if it was easier that we stained it after we glued it together or if it would have been easier to have stained it before. Either way, we stained it afterwards. That part took the longest. We did all of the sides and tops, inside and out, before letting it dry over night. Then we painted the bottoms of each of the crates to fix any drips and finish it up! It dried in about 30 minutes, and the last thing we did was glue the top piece on.

I LOVE having all of the space and the way that it looks. Since this picture was taken, Kyle has put speakers in the two crates that are on the outside of the middle row so they aren’t seen. There are so many options with this TV stand that I didn’t have before, and I love that we made it ourselves. We had so much fun building it together, and I can’t wait for out next project. There are some drip spots and the color isn’t consistent the whole time but it looks like it’s supposed to be that way! At least to me 😀 You can always paint it as well! This project cost us about $150 which is a lot cheaper than any TV stand of this size that we had looked at.

I hope you either give this project a shot or it at least gives you some inspiration to DIY something! Happy Friday!

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