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Weekly Recap: Eats, Workouts, & New Furniture

Hey everybody! I had a pretty lowkey week from trying to get back into the swing of our routines, some home reno projects and purchases, and workouts. I’m trying out a new format for my weekly recap since I don’t have as much to share so we’ll see if we like it!


I had my breakfast smoothie almost every morning except for one day when I had toast with raspberry jam. A fellow nurse brought in apple donuts, and they were amazing!

Lunches consisted of lots of mixes of salads, chicken, veggies, chips, etc.I had my first bowl of turkey chili from Panera on Tuesday, and it did not disappoint. I’m going to make a big pot of my turkey chili soon, and I can’t wait! I love all things soup so there is another reason why I love this season.

We didn’t have time to go to the grocery store this week so we ate out a ton. Between fajitas, wings, and pasta, it all tasted so good, but I am so excited to go to the store tomorrow and get food that fuels us and makes us feel good.


We went on a run before work on Wednesday, I worked with some weights on Thursday, and we went on a long walk on Saturday. I feel so much better on those days that we run in the mornings, but we had a hard time getting out of bed this week!


Our sectional was delivered on Sunday night! In what seemed like a million, heavy pieces. haha

Sectional put together in living room

We put it together on Monday night, and we love it so much! It fits so many people so that when we have friends over, they all actually have a place to sit. It fits the room perfectly and is so comfy.

We also built and finished this TV stand! All of the TV stands we’ve looked at have been so expensive, and we haven’t found one that was exactly what we wanted so Kyle decided to build one. I thought I would do a DIY post on how we made it later.


I bought a large desk calendar, and I filled it in with all of the important dates for Kyle’s school, our bills, work events, family and friend events, etc. and hung it up in our office. This might not seem fun for some people. but I love it!

Chance hiding in couch

It’s safe to say that Chance loves our new couch. That’s an 85lb dog rolled up in a ball behind a bunch of pillows.

The Buick being towed away

Once again, this picture doesn’t look fun, BUT the results are!! My brakes went out on me last week and thankfully Kyle got us home safe. We thought for sure it was going to cost more to fix it than what the car is worth because of how old it is/how many miles are on it, BUT our mechanic did amazing work for a great price! We got my car back on Wednesday, and she’s been driving great ever since. So thankful to not have to buy another car!

We started the third Star Wars this week but stopped it before it got sad haha I think we’ll get brave and finish it this week! I’m still drinking my sleepytime tea every night about 30 minutes before bed, and it’s helping me so much. I sleep through the night and feel so rested in the morning.

New fire pit

Kyle’s parents bought a new fire pit for their back deck, and I LOVE IT! It’s so comfy and makes the whole atmosphere so cozy. We sat around it on Saturday night, and it was so relaxing.

And we’ll end with some more cute, funny picture of Chance on his new couch.

I hope you all had a great week and are ready for Monday!

Questions for you!

  1. What is something fun you’re doing this week?
  2. What is your favorite soup/chili?
  3. Do you like writing out planners/calendars?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Eats, Workouts, & New Furniture

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think I would have put my foot down and said NO about fixing the vehicle after the brakes went out while driving. I would have been terrified. I am currently in a 6 yr old vehicle and I have started to look for another on because it is getting older and I am starting to get the URGE to want NEW! Haha! 😉

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Hahaha I totally understand! Thankfully, my problem was because a part of the brake line had rusted through so all of the brake fluid leaked out. Once he replaced that line, the rest of the brake system apparently looks perfect! Indiana is notorious for rusting out cars due to our use of salt on the roads. I’ve never had a car payment due to always having my dad’s used cars so I will drive this sucker until it is absolutely dead (or unsafe for me or anybody else one the road 😂) but I definitely get the urge from time to time to buy a big, shiny SUV!

      • Lindsay says:

        Oh gosh Miriam, I completely understand the “pain” of a car payment BUT there are so many benefits of buying your “OWN” car. I know for me I felt so much pride in ownership when I bought my first car and I had to pay the car payment. I ended up paying my car off a year early because I didn’t want to keep the car payment but I still love my little car.
        Also, I completely understand about the rusting … Minnesota & Illinois both use a TON of Salt on the roads! lmao!
        Have you and your husband begun the house hunt yet?? Do you guys want to buy or do you prefer renting?

      • Miriam Leigh says:

        I’m sure it’s a great feeling 🙂 I bought both of my cars from my dad with cash, but it’ll be fun to be able to buy a “new to me” car in the future as well! And yes!! Those states have to use it even more than Indiana I am sure! 😂

      • Miriam Leigh says:

        And we’re renting a house right now, but I can’t wait to buy one in the hopefully near future! Renting is easy, but it also feels like a waste of money once we find a place we want to stay for a while!

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