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Tons of yummy eats, work outs, and birthday celebrations!

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt

Happy Monday, everybody! I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I had a super fun weekend celebrating Kyle’s birthday, and I am bummed that it is over! I’m ready to have a good week though. 🙂 I hope you are too! Let’s head back to Monday…


Labor Day! Kyle and I both had the day off.

We woke up, and Kyle made us Kodiak cakes for breakfast. I worked on our thank you notes for a while in the morning before we got ready to meet my family for a while.

We stopped by Panera for smoothies before our walk because we knew we would be hangry before we got home if we didn’t. 😉 I got the Peach and Blueberry and Kyle got the Strawberry Banana. It was perfect to tide us over!

We then met my family at the monon to walk a couple of miles.

The weather was beautiful, and Chance did awesome! There were tons of people, dogs, and kids, and he behaved very well. We walked for about 2 hours.

Kyle and I picked up wings on our way home for dinner! The salad and wings hit the spot. I love that I always have enough for leftovers from this meal. 😀

We spent the rest of the evening watching Criminal Minds and relaxing before heading to bed.


Kyle had to wake up early to go to work so I got up with him to get my day started! Today was my normal day of the month off so I had a four day weekend! Woo hoo!

I was able to finish three posts in the morning before heading out on some errands. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read them, here they are:

I had my left over wings while I worked because I had ZERO food in the house. I wasn’t mad about it though. I got a lot of cleaning done this morning too which made me feel better about heading into the work week.

After I finished up my posts, I got ready for the day and headed out to get some errands done. I went to the grocery store and dropped off a box at Goodwill.

Grocery store haul! This wasn’t as much as I usually buy because we still had a few things like chicken sausage, salmon, pasta, turkey bacon, and almond milk. Otherwise, these are our usual staples!

Then I made a strawberry banana smoothie.

  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 Spoonful Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 1 Handful Ice Cubes
  • 1 1/2 Cups Unsweetened Almondmilk

Chance and I then headed out for a 4 mile walk in the afternoon. It was absolutely beautiful outside. I can’t fake those colors! Chance took another dip in a pond when he got too hot and was ready to go again. 😀

For dinner I made salads, BLTs with turkey bacon, and air fried french fries. We watched Criminal Minds and then headed to bed!


I was feeling super stiff when I woke up this morning so I did this yoga video by Yoga with Adriene. It always helps loosen me up and help me relax!

I switched things up this morning and had coffee, an orange, and chocolate and peanut butter cheerios. These cheerios are AMAZING!

Lunch was lettuce wraps and honey chicken from P.F. Changs. Yes, we are very lucky!!

We got our wedding photos today!! It is so fun to be able to relive our special day by looking through these. Our photographer did an AMAZING job, and I can’t wait to print out basically every single one. 😀

Shout out to our sweet doctors who see our exhausted selves leaving work every day and bought us all Google Home Minis as a thank you gift just because. How kind is that? I work for the best.

Kyle brought home burgers from Five Guys because we were both too tired to cook. Then we headed to bed early!


Early morning weight workout before work! I’m trying to strengthen my arms, core, and inner thighs because running doesn’t really work those as much as my weights do. My eyes were not very awake this morning 😀

Back to my smoothie (plus 2 cups spinach) for breakfast!

Lunch was a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and mustard on whole wheat bread with bell peppers and hummus on the side.

I was feeling super bloated and not hungry for dinner so I just had a bowl of popcorn for dinner before heading to bed! After watching Criminal Minds and venting about our days of course.


Weight work out again on Friday morning!

Breakfast smoothie again before getting ready for work.

Pre work seflie vs. 5 minutes into your shift selfie

Lunch was a baked potato and salad with all the fixins.

After work, I ran to the store to pick up the ingredients for Kyle’s birthday cake.

You can say he’s a chocolate fan! But seriously, this cake and frosting is the best ever! And if I can bake it, anybody can. Side note, this is not healthy whatsoever. If I’m going to bake a cake, I’m going all the way. 😀 I used this recipe for the cake and this recipe for the frosting.

I bought Kyle this fossil watch and the complete series of The Office on DVD for his birthday. His birthday isn’t until Monday, but we’re both celebrating all weekend because we both work Monday. He loved the watch! He has an apple watch but has been looking for something more dressy for when he goes back to school, interviews, etc. He of course loved The Office- we’re preparing for when they take it off Netflix!

Dinner was homemade pizzas and wine! We watched Criminal Minds, opened gifts, and celebrated the birthday boy!


We headed out for a 3 mile walk in the cool, crisp morning! I love this weather, and I am so ready for it to stay for a while!

Then more waffles and coffee for breakfast.

Off to the shooting range for the first event in birthday celebrations. Kyle loves going to the range, but he doesn’t get to go very often so I made sure we went for a while today for his birthday. It’s pretty insane how good he is!

Then we went to his favorite pub, Murphy’s, for food and drinks! I got a strawberry seltzer and we shared the pub pretzels and pepperoni pizza. Then we headed home to relax and clean up after the range before our next outing!

A few hours later we headed to another one of our favorites, Bubba’s, to share their loaded fries and hang out before we headed to Top Golf at 10!

Top Golf was a blast! For those of you who haven’t been, we were up on a huge, open platform and you hit golf balls off and try to make it into one of those lit up rings down on the ground. All of the balls have trackers in them so the computers keep track and tell you if you made it because some of them are so far away, you can’t tell. It’s so fun!! I missed the ball a couple of times, but hey, we can’t all be pros. It was also perfect sweater weather which made it even better.

Their Moscow Mules were also amazing so way to go Top Golf. 😀

We came home and ended the night with birthday cake! We had a great day celebrating my favorite person. 🙂


Today has been all about football, food, and relaxing! Go Colts!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and are ready to conquer the week ahead. Please respond to the questions below so we can chat!

Questions for you!

  1. Have you ever been to Top Golf?
  2. What shows do you recommend right now? We’re in such a Criminal Mind rut, I feel like I need to branch out. 😀
  3. What is one thing you’re looking forward to next week?

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