Dollar Store Organization!

A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Benjamin Franklin

I spent a huge chunk of my day on Sunday organizing a ton of random stuff in our house that had yet to be organized since our move. It is far from perfect, but it so much better. I wanted to share some of what I did to see if it would help anybody else! I bought almost everything from the dollar tree that I used to organize. (1 affiliate link included :))

They have so many great containers for a dollar!

I started with a simple task in the kitchen.

The stuff under our sink was getting out of control, and all it needed was to be contained and went through a little bit.

It is now so much easier to find what I’m looking for!

Then I started on the drawer that holds all of our cooking utensils.

It was a MESS. I used a couple of the organizing compartments that I purchased at the dollar store to separate the utensils.

The drawer is a million times better now, and I can actually find what I need! I have so many things that I forgot I had hahaha

Then I moved to the garage. Our broom, mop, shovel, etc were just laying around anywhere. Sometimes, I didn’t even know where they were. I purchased the Berry Ave Tool Organizer, and it is awesome! The big tools pop into the button like holes and then there are also hooks for other tools like bags, dust pans, etc.

It was super easy to assemble and even has a video that walks you through it in under 10 minutes. I have a lot hanging on ours, and it’s still super sturdy. I love how much space it saves and how much better it looks than having all the tools strewn about.

Our laundry room picture above has a big storage area that gets messy very easily. I didn’t do a whole lot in this room besides straighten it up and put things in better spots. I’m thinking about getting a shelving unit for this room to get some of it off the floor.

I also used one of the trash bins I bought at the dollar store to hold the wrapping paper that was laying around in the laundry room. That little change made a huge difference!

Kyle and I both have so many backpacks, duffel bags, etc., and they were all just laying on the floor in our guest bedroom closet.

I had left over shower curtain hooks from Kyle’s old apartment, and I got an idea. I hung the shower curtain hooks on the pole in the closet and hung bags from each of them.

It’s so much better now! I can’t believe I let it get that bad in the first place. I alternated hanging the duffel bags from the shoulder and hand straps to fit more. Next step is to go through our bags because who needs this many? 😀

I didn’t take before pictures in our bedroom, but our bedside tables had accumulated a lot of junk. We also didn’t have a good place to put things or organize our books.

All I did was buy those two little baskets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the bathroom department for $7. Now we have a way of standing our books up and keeping our needed things on our tables without it looking cluttered.

One of the last things I did was clean out our desk. Our desk only has two drawers and was FILLED with stuff. I bought three containers to hold the things we don’t use on a day to day basis to store in the closet. Stationary, note cards, and art supplies.

These will go up in the closet in the office for when I need them. Now we have room in the desk drawer, and it’s better organized because it isn’t stuffed full!

There’s my day full of organizing! It may not seem like much, but it helped a ton and made me so much more excited to keep on organizing. Once it’s time to switch our summer clothes for winter clothes, I’m going to totally redo our closet. I can’t wait!

I hope you’re all having a great week and this lights your organizing fire 🙂

P.S. If you haven’t read this week’s recap post yet, the link is here 🙂

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