Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all had a great week and are ready for your weekend! I know I am. I wrote a little post today including three of my favorite recent buys and two of my favorite recent podcast episodes! I hope you find something you like or want to try! *Some affiliate links included 🙂

African Black Soap

This soap has totally changed my skin! I used to break out on my chest and back if I used any other soap and especially after my work outs. I haven’t had a single problem since I started using this soap. It keeps my skin clear, doesn’t dry it out like others I’ve tried, and is natural! I’m seriously obsessed and highly recommend you try it!

Aftershokz Wireless Headphones

I still LOVE my Aftershokz headphones. I have no desire to go back to others or try anything new. I love that they fit snuggling around my head, are wireless, and don’t slide around even with all my sweat! It makes me feel much safer that they fit in front of my ears, and I can still hear everything around me. My ears used to hurt so much after long runs with normal headphones in, but I have zero pain with these! 10/10 would recommend.

Kodiak cakes

Who would I be if I didn’t mention some sort of food? I used to hate all things waffle, pancakes, etc. I know, I’m nuts. Kyle bought kodiak cakes for me to try, and I LOVE them. Kyle adds chocolate chips, and I eat mine with strawberries. They’re also jam packed with protein so they’re a great start to my day! I have found them at pretty much any grocery stores 🙂

Girls night #62

I love the podcast Girls Night, and this episode is no exception. I listened to it on my way to work for a few days this week, and it has such an important lesson! It’s all about learning how to depend on God when it comes to big decisions AND the “small” day to day decisions. It’s so easy to forget sometimes and just take control myself. It was a great reminder!

Rise Together #40

I talked a little about this podcast during my recap post, but I wanted to link it again here. This has really helped Kyle and I get back on track with our working out together, and it has been awesome! I love being able to support each other, and this episode was just the push we needed. It can also be used for a friend, sister, mom, etc!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! ❤️❤️

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