Last long run and all the eats!

Hey everybody! I am currently sitting on the couch next to a snoring dog. We just finished our grocery shopping and meal prep and wanted to get this mini recap post out! If you missed the other two mini recaps from this week, you can find them here and here 🙂

I started Thursday off with my breakfast smoothie.

I had my grapes while I made my patient plans for the day.

I had chicken strips and green beans for lunch.

So funny story… our patients have a mini library where they can take books and bring books in for other patients to read while they are getting treatment. It’s a cute little idea to give them something to do. But my coworkers are funny and go through the books to find the cheesy, romantic ones then place them on my desk ever since Kyle and I got engaged. Those jokesters. The one before this was Colonial Courtships.

After work, I picked up Kyle and we went to premarital counseling. It was another great evening! Abby is seriously the best. I think we’re going to keep going to her every month or so after we’re married to check in. I am allllll about counseling and have zero shame about it. I’ve been multiple times in my life for different reasons, and it has always helped. If you live around here and want Abby’s information, let me know! 🙂

Kyle and I then stopped at Verde for dinner. This is actually the place we went for dinner before he proposed! It made me tear up just to go back! haha

After dinner, we took Chance for a walk, watched Santa Clarita Diet, and went to bed.

Breakfast was my smoothie again on Friday.

Someone brought in donuts which made this super hectic Friday a little better! (I took a bite out of it before the picture)

Lunch was salad, chicken, and pasta for lunch. YUMMMM

Once I got home, I told Kyle that I could literally lay down on the ground and be asleep in 2 seconds. We were so busy and a couple of nurses short so we were exhausted at the end of the day. But nobody got sick or had a bad reaction so that was a huge win.

We decided to pick up Jimmie John’s because neither of us wanted to cook. Then we watched old episodes of The Office and went to bed early.

I woke up at 5 with Kyle because he has to work all weekend. It was such a beautiful, quiet morning.

I stole one of Kyle’s homemade breakfast sandwiches because we literally had NO food in the house and needed something because I was going to have my last long run today before the mini next weekend! His sandwiches are delicious…

I had another massage this morning at 9. It was amazing just like last time! Judy really knows how to help people who suffer from migraines, and I am so thankful that I found her. Again, if you’re in the area, go to Noblesville Massage Therapy! You won’t regret it.

After I got back from my massage, I chugged some water and Chance and I ran 8 miles. I think that will be my last longish run before next weekend. I am so excited for the Indy Mini! We’re so close!

We rushed home, I washed my face, and Chance and I headed to my parent’s house.

I made my normal breakfast smoothie to go.

I went to my parent’s house to finish a few wedding things with my mom. Chance apparently thought we were there to nap. We ended up staying all afternoon and into the evening. I love being with my parents. They’re the absolute best.

When we finally packed up and left, we got stopped by a train. Anderson is known for its 80 mile long trains. But luckily it was a fast one!

For dinner, I sautéed chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli in coconut aminos. I found that sauce at Trader Joe’s, and it’s supposed to be like soy sauce but with less sodium. It was really yummy! We also had caesar salad.

Now we’re back to today! I woke up early again with Kyle. I finished some chores and wedding things before heading out to get groceries. I always go to Aldi first to get most of our groceries and then stop at Kroger to pick up whatever else we need that Aldi didn’t have. We save a TON of money that way.

Here’s my random hodge podge lunch! I used to eat meals like this for dinner all of the time when Kyle worked night shift because I didn’t like cooking real meals for one person. I’ve kinda missed them! This one included turkey, pickles, chips and salsa, and cucumbers, peppers, and hummus.

I’m going to fold some laundry and lay down with Chance for a little bit before taking him for a long walk. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and are ready to take on the week ahead!

Thank you for reading! I left some questions for you below 🙂 Leave your responses in the comment section.

  1. Do you like to do races or would you rather run totally on your own terms?
  2. Do you have any fitness goals for this spring?
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