Tuesday’s Festivities, Happy Hump Day, and Mini Rants!

Hey everybody! If you missed my last post about my last couple of days, you can read it here!

Yesterday started out with my breakfast smoothie.

Lunch was a salad with chicken strips. Ruby Tuesday’s has the BEST croutons.

After work, I headed home and went to bed because I had an awful migraine. I tried to fight it off without taking my medicine (which never works for me) so it just got worse as the afternoon/evening went on. Once I finally took my medicine and went to bed, I was much better off.

This morning, I wanted something different so I had some cheerios for breakfast.

I always bring snacks with me to work. I had grapes once I got there. Those cheerios are great before runs, but they don’t keep me full like my smoothie does.

Lunch was from McCallister’s! I had a salad, half of a club sandwich, pickles, and sea salt and vinegar chips.

Plus a Kite Hill Almond Milk yogurt in the afternoon 🙂

Once I got home, Chance and I headed out to walk a couple of miles.

Trees with these flowers cover the streets around my apartment complex. They are so beautiful. It’s so important for me to enjoy these little proofs of life. My job can really wear on me- working with oncology patients usually has more sad outcomes than good. That’s just where we are right now. That’s why it’s so important for me to keep all areas of my life positive and healthy so I can bring that to work with me.

After our walk, I grabbed a book and took a bath. One of my favorite self care routines.

I’m about to go make fajitas for dinner, but before I go, I want to share something. The foods you eat or don’t eat or the exercises you do or don’t do have NO impact on whether you are “good or bad”. I am around women every day who say things like “I’m being good” when they don’t eat a cookie or “I was bad last night” because they went home after working a long shift and didn’t work out. THESE ARE LIES. And it breaks my heart. I’m trying to be a positive light to them, but I also wanted to bring that here. We think that the little phrases we use don’t have a big impact on us, but they most certainly do. Try saying something positive about yourself next time you want to say something negative and see what happens. I bet it’ll be awesome 🙂

Questions for you!

  1. What is your go to breakfast?
  2. How do you handle negative surroundings?
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