All the things! (From last week)

Hey everybody! Sorry this post is coming late (not that anyone probably notices haha!) It was a bad migraine week so it was uneventful other than that. But I still wanted to share a couple of things I did/ate/thought! So here we go.

I had my usual breakfast smoothie every morning before work. This smoothie seriously keeps me full until lunch, and I’m still not sick of it after years of eating it.

Kyle and I tried the calzones from Aldi for the first time this week and LOVED them.

My favorite catering place brought lunch two days in a row at work! (Yes, we’re spoiled with food). I think it’s called Fresh to Order. They always bring awesome salads, chicken, and veggies. I leave full and not miserable.

On Wednesday, we had another premarital counseling session, and it was awesome! If you’re in the Indy area, Abby at Renewal is so awesome! Kyle picked up candy for me on the way there. Hello PMS cravings. (Hence all the migraines)

It was beautiful on Friday after work so Chance and I headed out for a long walk! We’ve missed them so much. This winter has been rough on all of us, and we are so ready for warmer weather (just give me above 40 degrees and I’ll be happy at this point)!

I had a whole wheat English muffin with jam and coffee before my run on Saturday. It really hit the spot!

My face was a little frozen after but our run was awesome! We went 8 miles, and I felt great. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t gone over 3.5 miles in a few weeks, but we had no problems.

PS Chance and I are trying a new leash while we’re running. It has a bungee like cord on it so it doesn’t pull on me AT ALL. It wraps around my waist AND is a running belt that can hold my phone, energy gel, puppy poop bags, treats, etc. I’m loving it so far!

I’ve been listening to this podcast during my runs, and the time flies by. I shared the link to the first episode. If you like true crime documentaries, you’ll love this!

On Saturday night, Kyle insisted that we needed to have a nice date because we didn’t go anywhere for Valentine’s Day. He had been wanting to take me to Mama Carolla’s, and it was amazing!

We started with drinks (he had an old fashioned and I had a raspberry mojito), bread, and salads. Then our entrees came. I had a seafood pasta dish, and it was incredible. Plus, I had leftovers for days! Kyle had lasagna which he said was also amazing. Then we ended with a cannoli. We were stuffed and very impressed! The restaurant was in a historic home in broad ripple and was so cute inside. The workers were so sweet, and the atmosphere was so relaxing. We had an amazing time and highly recommend it!

On Sunday, Chance and I ran 3.3 miles in the morning. I’m trying this new thing where I save my runs for the weekends and go to classes at my gym during the week. I found myself dreading my post work runs because I was already so exhausted, and I hate that! I want to enjoy them and give them everything I got. So I’m trying this for now, and we’ll see how it goes! It worked great this weekend for sure.

So there’s my week in a nutshell! I’m going to try out some new work out classes this week. I’ll let you know how they go! I hope you all have an awesome week!

Questions for you!

1. How do you handle working out after working all day?

2. Is it still winter for you?

3. Do you like group fitness or would you rather fly solo?

2 thoughts on “All the things! (From last week)

  1. Becoming His Tapestry says:

    I did not know Aldi had calzones, thanks for that information. I try to workout before work, I go at 11:00am 🙂 Thank the Lord :). It is very much winter where I live with snow on the ground 🙂 I prefer solo workouts, people tend to talk too much when we’re working out together including my husband 🙂 I just over here trying to catch my breath and they want a full conversation. 🙂 🙂 just can’t

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Yes! At my store, they’re over by the deli meat/pizzas. And that’s awesome! Perfect time to work out. And I totally get that! We’re just trying to get through our work outs, for sure 😂

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