Happy Monday, everybody! I truly hope your day was awesome 🙂 I just woke up from a two hour nap because I came home from work with an AWFUL migraine. I took my medicine and was out. I’m super bummed because I was planning on running today 🙁 But there are much worse things in life, and I can always go tomorrow. My body obviously needed the sleep. Anyways, here’s the recap.

I had my protein smoothie for breakfast and headed to work.

Side note, we had an unexpected mini ice storm, and Kyle ran out to my car ahead of me to scrape it off and warm it up. Ladies, find someone who thinks about you like this. I’m not saying it’s necessary because yes, I am 100% capable of doing these things for myself, but it definitely shows how caring Kyle is. You deserve someone who wants to take care of you.

Lunch was Mexican. I made a big salad and had some chips and dip on the side.

Dinner was salmon, potatoes, and broccoli.

On Tuesday, I had the day off! YAY!

After our coffee, breakfast food didn’t sound good so Kyle made me a sandwich.

Then Chance and I headed out for a 3.4 mile run.

Followed by some intense stretching. I have been slacking on my cool down/stretching game lately so I’m trying to do better! And I felt much more relaxed and less stiff.

I listened to this podcast on my run.

Kyle and I made some protein shakes (I use this powder and almondmilk) and headed to our church to get some forms filled out for our premarital counseling.

We picked up lunch from McCallister’s after we were done. I got the grilled chicken salad with vinaigrette dressing!

Then Kyle and I split a piece of leftover birthday cake.

Then we went to B-Dubs for dinner. Honey bbq wings for the win. 😁

Protein smoothie for breakfast on Wednesday!

Lunch was a a big taco salad.

After work, Kyle and I headed straight to our second premarital counseling. It was another great night! I’m so thankful.

Dinner was a turkey sandwich from Arby’s. It was weirdly amazing!!

Protein smoothie again on Thursday morning!

THIS!!! I found this on Pinterest so I’m not sure who the original poster was, but I can’t agree more. I should read this every day. It’s not a number!!

On a less serious note, now that I’m done with my aligners (I still have to wear them at night and some random times during the day), I’m using the whitening tools they sent me. Whitening products usually hurt my teeth, but the kind from Smile Direct Club doesn’t at all! I just rub the gel on my teeth and put the mouthpiece in my mouth for about 10 minutes. It lights up by plugging into my phone. How easy is that?

We didn’t have lunch today so I went to Wendy’s on my break and got the southwest avocado salad. It’s so good!

After work, I tried one of my new Huma Chia Energy gels before I headed out on my run. It tasted good, definitely gave me energy, and is full of a ton of good stuff!

Then Chance and I headed out. We ran 3.3 miles.

I listened to this podcast!

Dinner was chicken, potatoes, and broccoli!

Andddd protein smoothie for breakfast on Friday to end the week right!

Lunch was chick fil a! Chicken nuggets and salad.

After work, Shaylynn came to stay with us for the night! Yay!

We headed to Wild Eggs for breakfast before meeting my florist! We had mimosas, I had French toast, and Shay had biscuits and gravy.

Our first meeting with my florist was awesome! She is super sweet and really knows what she’s doing. I’m so excited to see her ideas!

Then we stopped at Aspen Creek for a late lunch/early dinner (plus a Caesar salad) before we did some more wedding shopping. After we were done, we were stuffed and exhausted. It felt great to head home and hang out for the evening before she headed home.

On Sunday morning, Kyle and I headed out to get groceries and donuts 🙂 Then we spent the rest of the day having quality time, and it was wonderful! I was hoping to run outside today, but we were under an extreme wind advisory and it was no joke! Then I had a get together with the girls I used to have a weekly bible study with. We’re going to start meeting once a month, and I’m so excited. It was so good to be with them again!

I hope you all have a great week!

Questions for you!

1. What was your favorite work out last week?

2. I’m looking for a new devotional. Any suggestions!?

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