Running, Resting, and Eats!

Happy Sunday everybody! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are feeling rested for the week ahead. I’m waiting for Kyle to get home from work, and we’re going to have pizza and watch the Superbowl (I’m in it for the commercials.) I’ll get back to the rest of today later but let’s start the recap!

I got up early last Saturday to get in a run before Shaylynn got to my apartment to go bridesmaid dress shopping (YAY!).

I must be weird, but I love having the blinds open in our little gym. If I’m stuck inside running, it helps me to at least be able to see outside.

If no one else is in there, I open up the blinds before I get started and pretend like I’m running out in the sunshine.


I finished 5.5 miles and felt great!

I hurried home to get ready and have my protein shake.


Then Shaylynn and I headed to David’s Bridal to pick out her dress. She was such a trooper and tried on like 5 different dresses before we found the one. She looked amazing, and it is going to be so flattering and beautiful on all of my girls! Each time I get one of these tasks done, I get even more excited (I didn’t know that was possible).

We both got turkey clubs and fries from FDR in Fishers. We were so hungry from all the decision making! Then we picked up a sample box from Nothing Bundt Cakes, which is where we are getting our wedding cakes, to figure out what flavors we want. Then we headed home to work on save the dates! have the best MOH ever for helping Kyle and I address and stuff 175 envelopes…

After we worked for about 4 hours, we headed out to Murphy’s Pubhouse to hang out for a bit. Kyle and I shared a caesar salad and an order of soft pretzels. After we ate and talked for a while, we headed back to go to bed!

On Sunday, we slept in for a while, and then headed to Anderson to have lunch at the restaurant we are considering for our rehearsal dinner.

Farm Society is a farm to table restaurant that recently opened in Anderson, and we loved it! I am so excited about the thought of having our rehearsal dinner here. Hopefully it works out! The food was awesome, the owner and workers were super sweet, and the atmosphere is so cozy and adorable!

After we picked up all of our groceries for the week, we headed to the gym.


I walked on the incline trainer for 1.5 miles and then Kyle took me through a series of arm exercises. My arms were dead afterwards!


Then I relaxed in the sauna for a few minutes, and it felt so good.


My all time favorite, guilty pleasure is steak n shake, and we hadn’t had it in forever. So guess what we picked up for dinner! Treat yoself 😉


On Monday, breakfast was Kashi blueberry cluster cereal, pineapple, and blackberry yogi tea.


Lunch was a big salad with turkey, cucumbers, olives, and ranch dressing.


Dinner was baked pizza from Aldi and green beans. Then we headed to bed early!

Breakfast on Tuesday was Kashi blueberry cereal, an orange, and tea!

Lunch was a big salad and chicken gnocchi soup from Olive Garden.


I ran 3.5 miles after work on Tuesday on the treadmill. PS I have got to do better about getting my whole face in pictures.


For dinner, I baked chicken, broccoli, and potatoes. Like always, I put it all on one sheet, set the oven at 400 and baked it all for about 25 minutes.  Because an insane cold front was coming in, my managers decided to close our clinic for Wednesday so that our patients would not venture out in the freezing temperatures. We were pretty pumped for the random day off! Kyle and I tried to stay up a little later than usual, but I fell asleep promptly by 10.

Once we woke up on Wednesday, I dove right into wedding planning. I got so much done! The biggest thing is that we got our invites designed and ordered. I’ve seriously enjoyed doing all of this with Kyle so much! At some point, Kyle took a break and made us some sandwiches.


This little guy was not happy about being stuck inside all day.

After hours of planning and getting tons done, we made tacos and salad and watched Gotham before heading to bed!

On Thursday morning, I had my protein smoothie for breakfast.


Lunch was salad, baked spaghetti, and a breadstick.

When I went home, I was planning on running but my time of the month had me feeling very under the weather so I decided to just rest for a little bit. Sometimes exercising helps and sometimes rest does. You just have to decide what your body needs at that time! Don’t ever feel bad about listening to your body!


With that being said, Kyle went and got Chuy’s and we relaxed for the night 😀


Protein smoothie for breakfast again on Friday!


Lunch was salad, a few pieces of pizza, and one slice of ravioli. I don’t know what this catering place is, but whenever someone brings it, I eat too much! It’s so good!!

Then I came home and headed to bed because my head was killing me (thanks hormones).

On Saturday, I woke up feeling a million times better!

I made my breakfast smoothie, and then we got ready for a big day of errands.

We picked out our wedding rings, looked at suits for Kyle and his groomsmen, bought gifts for Kyle’s mom and brother who both have birthdays this month, and mailed our save the dates.


In the middle of our errands, we stopped at Burgerfuel for lunch/dinner! I had a chicken sandwich with tomatoes, lettuces, pickles, and avocados and a side of pickle fries. YUM!

Once we got home, we relaxed and halted wedding planning for the night. Even though I am enjoying it so much, it can get overwhelming and it is important to step back and remember why we’re doing all of it in the first place.

Now we’re back to today! Kyle woke up and headed to work, and I got up to clean up the apartment. I did a couple loads of laundry, cleaned the floors, cleaned the kitchen, and cleaned the bathrooms. img_1939

I had a Kashi cinnamon gluten free waffle and coffee before getting ready for my run. We had a warm front and it reached 60 degrees today! You better believe Chance and I didn’t waste that weather.

6 miles! We got a lot of snow earlier in the week so it all melted this morning. Therefore, we ran through a lot of puddles… but it was worth it! The sunshine was so good for my soul, and Chance seemed to have a blast. It was so good to run together again! I’ve been stuck on the treadmill and Chance has been stuck inside for far too long! Spring, we’re ready for you! PS I listened to an episode of the Ali on the Run podcast, and I am a big fan now! I listened to number 89 with Janae Baron (Hunry


Check out those mud splatters. I’ve got nothing on Chance!

After I cleaned up, I headed out on some errands. But before that, I used this mask with apple cider vinegar and it worked magic on my face. I need to use it more!!


Soaking up being able to drive with the windows down on February 3rd!


After my errands were done, I picked up half a Fuji Apple with Chicken salad and baguette from Panera. It really hit the spot after my run and is holding my over until pizza night!

I hope you all have an awesome week!!

Questions for you! Respond below 🙂

  1. What are your running or work out plans for this week?
  2. Favorite menu item from Panera?
  3. How do you decide if your body needs a rest or if you need to push through?



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  1. Mackenzie says:

    Always love reading your recaps, Miriam!! All this food is making my mouth water as usual! Sounds like y’all have been super productive with wedding festivities! Oh, and I’m always solely watch the superbowl for the commercials too. Have a great weekend!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      We’re definitely trying to be! And I’m glad I’m not the only one 😁 thank you!! Have a great week, Mackenzie!

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