More runs, eats, and lots of wedding plans! (Plus random thoughts)

Hey everybody! And happy Friday! 🙂 I hope you all had an awesome and productive week and are ready for the weekend. Remember, you can have a productive week without getting every single thing done you told yourself you would. I feel like I beat myself up a lot when I don’t accomplish everything on my to do list, but that is so self destructive and silly. Let’s work on being proud of the things we have accomplished and keep working towards the things we still need to do with a positive attitude. It’ll all get done in one way or another, and the world will keep spinning. There’s my random thought of the day 🙂 I felt like it needed to be shared.

Let’s take the recap back to Saturday!

I told you guys I was going to binge watch Tidying Up with Marie Condo AND I DID. Oh my gosh I cannot recommend this show enough. I cried in every episode! Not only does she teach you how to clean and organize in a whole new way, but she blessed every house and family she met. You could see how she changed their lives by helping them see past the chaos and focus on what truly matters to them.


I’ve only gone through a couple of rooms so far, and this is all of the stuff I got rid of.


Then I headed to the gym at my apartment and ran 5.2 miles on the treadmill. I’m telling you guys, Brooks Launch 5 for the win. Over a month and no blisters or painful toes or anything.

Once I got done, I had my protein smoothie and kept cleaning for a bit. Then I made some spaghetti squash. I haven’t had it in a long time and forgot how much I love it! That kept me full until Kyle came home from work.


Then I worked on some wedding stuff while this little guy napped by my feet 🙂


I kept cleaning and organizing until Kyle came home, and then made tacos for dinner. Mine had tomatoes, onions, guac, and a little bit of cheese. Super yummy!


YES YES YES! I love this SO MUCH. One of my favorite bloggers (The Hungry Runner Girl) shared this last week. Stop fretting those pounds and love your body for what it is and what it gives you. Focus on being HEALTHY. Your body, soul, mind, and heart will thank you! It took me a long time to understand this, but it is sooooo true.


Kyle worked a ton of 12 hour shifts in row so he slept in on Sunday, and I woke up early like always. So I worked on some wedding stuff 🙂 (Yes, our tree is still up. The decorations are gone but we haven’t been able to get rid of it yet!)


Once Kyle woke up, I fixed us cinnamon rolls and we watched Gotham. I am really not usually into these kind of shows, but I really love this one!

I got another bad migraine in the afternoon so I took my medicine and went to bed until about 10PM. Once I woke up, I felt a ton better but was starving!

Kyle fixed me up a leftover taco and then I headed back to bed.


On Monday morning, I woke up feeling a ton better! I ate my blueberry chex and had some coffee before heading to work early for our Monday morning meeting.


Lunch was a taco salad which had lettuce, tomatoes, onions, grilled veggies, and guac plus some tortilla chips and guacamole on the side.


These bitter cold days have really got Chance bummed out. He loves to be outside so on days that it’s too cold for me to run with him outside, I try to take him to the bark park for a while to let him get his wiggles out. This was post bark park. He’s wearing his thunder jacket because he’s precious 🙂 But seriously, if your dog struggles with anxiety or aggression or anything in between, I suggest a thunder jacket! I think it definitely has helped Chance and makes him feel more secure which helps the way he acts.


For dinner, I baked salmon, carrots, and potatoes. I seasoned them with olive oil, italian seasoning, and garlic salt and baked them at 400. I took the carrots and potatoes out after about 25 minutes and the salmon took about 30-35 minutes. Super yummy!


On Tuesday, I had the day off so I headed to the gym to run 3.5 miles on the treadmill.

Then Kyle and I met our moms for breakfast before the moms and I went WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!

I had an almondmilk cappuccino and fruit stuffed french toast. YUM!


I am so so so thankful that both moms were able to come with me on this super special day! I fell in love with the second dress I tried on, and we ALL cried (Even the store owners). The girls at Beloved Brides in Fishers are so sweet and knowledgeable and made it the most stress free experience possible. It was an amazing day, and I am so ready to have my dress back NOW!


Kyle and I spent the evening meal and wedding planning with grilled cheese 🙂 He was so excited that I found my dress (how sweet is that?!) One step closer, y’all!!


Tuesday came and went so fast! I had more blueberry chex for breakfast before heading to work.


Lunch was salad and wings!

I spent the afternoon over in radiation starting my training because I am going to start working over there too! It was a great day, and I am excited to broaden my scope!

After working in radiation, I headed back to my center (radiation is just across the street) because a group of us are meeting after work on Wednesdays to study for our Oncology Nursing Licenses. There’s a big test we all have to take, and it is a TON of material. It was super helpful working through it together. I am so thankful that my manager organized it and is doing it with us!


Since I got home late, Kyle had burgers ready! Mine was on a pretzel bun and had tomatoes, onions, and mustard. (Can you tell that Kyle did the majority of the meal planning this week? hahaha)

So Kyle and I were trying to figure out why I was having a migraine EVERY day for the last couple of weeks. Then he helped me realize that I started getting a migraine every day when I started working out in the mornings instead of the afternoons. I don’t fully understand why this would cause my migraines, but I switched back to working out after work on Thursday and Friday and haven’t had a migraine. Kyle thinks it’s from all the pounding and rushing in the morning and not taking the proper time to recover and rehydrate because I have to get to work. That could be it! Whatever the reason, I’m bummed, but I’m totally for switching back to afternoons if it means less migraines. Weird, right?

On Thursday morning, Kyle made my tea for me while I was getting ready 🙂 Plus he found my Kashi Blueberry Cluster cereal again! They’ve been out of it forever.


The drug representative who was planning on bringing us lunch had to cancel because of the awful weather so we ordered Pizza King 🙂 I’d say it still worked out pretty well!


Hello patterns! Back to my afternoon running. I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill. It did feel good not staring at the clock and rushing back to get ready for work. I guess I’ll be doing this for a while!

Dinner was a repeat from last night 🙂


On Friday, I had Kashi blueberry cluster cereal, fresh pineapple chunks, and tea for breakfast!


Kyle packed me a sandwich and pineapple chunks for lunch 🙂 We knew that we weren’t going to have lunch today either so there was no excuse to not bring food this time haha


PLUS OUR SAVE THE DATES GOT HERE!!!! How cute are those little magnets?! (Chance is patiently waiting to go play in the freezing cold). We’ll be spending the weekend getting these little guys ready to be sent in the mail!

I hope you all have an awesome night and weekend! I’m planning on making some pasta for dinner to prepare for my long run in the morning 🙂

Questions for you!

  1. What was your favorite work out or meal last week!?
  2. Have you watched Tidying Up yet?
  3. Any big weekend plans?

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