Runs, Eats, and Random Thoughts!

Happy Friday everybody! I’m sitting on the couch with Chance waiting for Kyle to get home from work. The chemo center was super busy this week so I am exhausted and ready for the weekend! We’re supposed to get a big snow storm tonight through tomorrow so I am happy for an excuse to stay inside. After my run in the morning, I am planning on finally watching Tidying Up on Netflix and getting rid of a TON of stuff. I’m pumped!

Here’s the recap! Back to last Saturday…

Chance watching the snowfall

We woke up to a bright snowfall on Saturday morning! We accumulated over 6 inches super quick. Chance was barking at it when it first started pouring down. It was hilarious! That picture is of him staring down the snowfall.

This video kills me every time! He swallowed that snowball whole and was so shocked when it was gone.

We are a snow loving family for sure! Good thing, because snow loves Indiana.


We braved the roads and headed to chick fil a for lunch. I tried their grilled chicken nuggets for the first time, and they were delish! Yes, I am obsessed with chick fil a sauce.

Kyle headed to a gun and knife show with his brother, and I headed to the gym to run on the treadmill. I had planned to only go 3.5 miles, but I felt so good so I kept going until I hit 5! I was pumped. I hadn’t ran 5 miles straight since my half marathon in May.

After my run, I headed home to spend the evening with Kyle and Chance watching it snow.

On Sunday, we did a lot of wedding planning! We also had lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in my hometown (where we went to college and where we’re getting married).


Thank the good Lord for strong snow boots! I got mine at target 🙂 They’re super warm, and I love how they’re not super tall.

Monday came super fast!


Breakfast was Blueberry Chex, a banana, and coffee! This cereal is a new favorite of mine. It’s gluten free and super yummy!


Lunch was a salad with tomatoes and avocados and italian dressing with some ravioli on the side.


Kyle made AMAZING nachos for dinner! I used my gluten free chips from Aldi for the base. I topped it with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and a little bit of queso.


We ended the night with hot cocoa in the His and Hers mugs Kyle’s mom bought us for Christmas. Cheesy, but we love them so much!

On Tuesday, I ran 3.1 miles before work.


Then I had my protein smoothie before heading to work 🙂


Lunch was a wrap and fresh fruit! My wrap had turkey, tomatoes and lettuce.


Dinner was Kyle’s famous grilled cheese! (he already ate half of his) Find you someone who burns yours extra because you love it like that. YUM!


Also, here’s a hilarious picture of Chance for you to enjoy. We laughed so hard at it. He turned his head right as I was taking the picture and this was the result. Perfect.

On Wednesday, I did a total body work out with my booty bands, hand weights, and kettlebell before I headed to work. It kicked my butt! I think incorporating strength training into my routine is helping my running already though. Yay!


Protein smoothie for lunch! I need to find some better picture backgrounds than my carpet and random dog toys…


Lunch was a taco salad made of lettuce, tomatoes, guac, grilled veggies, steak, chicken, and a handful of chips.

For dinner, we had baked chicken and broccoli and then I headed to bed early because my head was killing me. Boo for missing yoga, but I needed sleep for sure!


On Thursday, I ran a little over 2 miles before I rushed home to take Chance out before I left for work because Kyle worked today too. On days that Kyle works, he has to leave even earlier than I do so we’re all spoiled on days that he’s off 🙂


You already know…


Lunch was a big salad with cucumbers, olives, turkey, and vinaigrette dressing.


Once I got home, I took Chance back to the bark park to get some energy out since he hasn’t been able to run with me in the mornings. The snow is melting fast, just in time for another snowfall!

Once we returned home, I made some lemon ginger tea to warm myself up. I love this tea so much!


Then I threw on one of my favorite face masks because my face has been a mess this week. I used the Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal mask. It feels amazing, smells so good, and plus I love the color! haha


For dinner, I chopped up chicken, peppers, onions, and potatoes. I put them all on a sheet pan and baked them at 400 for about 35 minutes (the potatoes don’t take as long). I seasoned them with olive oil, italian seasoning, and garlic salt. YUM!

Now we’re back to today! I spent a long time this morning stretching and then taking Chance for a walk before I went to work.


My breakfast was Blueberry Chex, a banana, and coffee.


Lunch was lettuce, grilled veggies, chicken, salsa, and guacamole!

I hope you all have an awesome and relaxing weekend and do something super fun 🙂

Questions for you:

  1. Anybody joining me for Tidying Up this weekend?! Be sure to tell me about it if you do!
  2. Did you get any snow this week? Love it or hate it?
  3. Share your favorite workout from this week!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I have a love hate relationship with the snow. I like the look of the snow, but I HATE that everyone drives like an idiot (so slow) in the snow or they act as if the world is ending and everything needs to close and there isn’t even a speck of snow falling. So I’m hoping that I can get my workout in tomorrow and then spend the day at home avoiding all of the crazies!

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