Running, Eats, and Christmas Fun!

Good morning y’all! My weekend was jam packed with Christmas fun and quality time with Kyle and Chance. I LOVE my job, but I was so bummed that Monday came so fast because we had such an awesome weekend. Anyways, here’s a little recap of the week!


Wild berry Cheerios were my go to breakfast this week. My smoothie hasn’t sounded appetizing since it’s been so cold! I use unsweetened almond milk and inhale them because I can’t stand soggy cereal.


We are down to only one more puppy class before graduation next week! It’s flown by. They’re all doing so well, and it’s been so cool seeing them improve every week.


Our favorite Blue Apron meal of the week! Crispy shrimp and Cilantro Rice with Chipotle Cabbage Slaw.


Two different two mile runs with Chance. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. We love running through the neighborhoods and seeing all of the Christmas lights. I am loving getting back into running again. Have I said that already? I’m looking for a 5K to run this month. Who is with me?! I like running little races throughout my training process to keep me motivated and on track. It works for me! The little halo around Chance’s face is from the light on his collar he wears when we run in the dark. We’ve gotta be safe when we run in the dark, people!


This was ONE day of Christmas package deliveries. “I have a couple of things coming to your apartment” Kyle said. He’s a gift giver for sure!! 😂😂😂


Salad attack! I love making big salads out of the foods that the drug representatives bring us for lunch. It’s not always supposed to be a salad bar, but I can usually turn it into one haha


I can’t wait to dive into my favorite cook book this winter!


Peppermint Mocha with coconut milk and half the allotted syrup ❤️❤️❤️


Kashi Gluten Free Cinnamon Waffle with an apple and almond butter was the perfect pre gym breakfast!


On Friday night, Kyle and I went to our favorite little Mexican restaurant and had a mini date night. My shrimp salad was amazing. I like getting salads so I can binge on chips and salsa beforehand and not leave feeling like a mess 😁


We made chili with our leftover turkey, and it is SO YUMMY! I’ll share the recipe later this week or next week! We’ll definitely be eating this for the next week at least. It’s jam packed with veggies and is dairy free!


On Sunday, Kyle, Chance, and I went to a Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our Christmas tree. They had so many good ones but this one won us over for sure. The Blue Spruces smell SOOOOO GOOD, and I love the frosted look. I walked out of my bedroom this morning and my apartment smelled heavenly. We had so much fun picking it out and decorating it yesterday. See why I didn’t want the weekend to end?!


Yes, yes I did get us matching Christmas jammies. Chance will learn to love them! I got ours at target 🙂


On days that I don’t run or go to the gym, I am working through the True Yoga series videos by Yoga with Adriene. They have been AWESOME so far. Join me and let me know!!

I hope you all have an awesome week and are spending time doing whatever you love most! ❤️

Questions! Respond below!

1. What’s your favorite cold weather recipe?

2. Do you get a real or fake tree?

3. What are your running plans for the winter?

One thought on “Running, Eats, and Christmas Fun!

  1. Mackenzie says:

    I lovee your tree!!! I do love that frosted look- so pretty. Chance is so adorable- oh my goodness!

    – Favorite cold weather recipe is stuffed butternut squash with rice or quinoa and cranberries- mmm
    – Real tree for now!
    – Running plans- mixing up outside/treadmill depending on the weather 🙂

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