Healthy Eats, Workouts, and Thankfulness ❤️


Breakfast smoothie in my jammies. Creature. Of. Habit.

Once I got to work, they had a free coffee bar for us! How sweet is that? I had a Chai Tea Latte 🙂

Lunch was a big salad with grilled veggies, chicken, salsa, and guacamole.

When I got home, we went on a run and then had dinner.

Dinner was from Blue Apron! Spicy beef tacos with tomatoes (I gave Kyle all of the peppers) and Mexican rice.

Then we rushed to puppy class. Chance did awesome! I am still so amazed at how well he does every week being surrounded by so many dogs. I never would have imagined that we would have been able to do this a month ago.

Once we got home, it was bedtime!

Tuesday: I did my usual yoga routine and had my smoothie. Then headed to work!

Lunch was Chick Fil A! They’ve been bringing that a lot, but I don’t mind! I had a big salad with fruit and some chicken nuggets.

Once I got home, I took Chance on a walk and met Kyle at the gym. He was working with his trainer so I walked on the stair stepper for about 2 miles and then walked on the treadmill at an incline for 2 miles. My legs were burning after that!

I listened to this episode of Girls Night while I worked out, and it was so good! Stephanie was so real and vulnerable, and I am so thankful for that. Thanks, Steph!

We picked up Jimmie John’s on the way home for dinner. I usually get the unwich (lettuce instead of bread), and the way my stomach was in knots after this meal reminded me why!


I had oatmeal and pineapple for breakfast. My oatmeal was gluten free oats, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, and almond butter. Super yummy!

Lunch was salad and spaghetti 🙂

We went on a long, evening walk when I got home. Every night, we work really hard on Chance’s training, and he’s doing super well. He stayed in this down position for what seemed like forever with Kyle pulling on the leash and being super distracting, and Chance stayed put for a long time!

Dinner was from Blue Apron! I waited too long to make this meal, and the salmon wasn’t good anymore. Usually it stays fresh for 5 days, but that wasn’t the case this week. Lesson learned! The squash, tomatoes, and macaroni and cheese was delicious though 🙂

We ended the night with hot chocolate and New Girl!


Oatmeal for breakfast again! Same recipe as Wednesday.

Lunch was half a sandwich and salad.

I met Kyle at the gym again after work. I walked 2.3 miles at an incline, and then Kyle took me through some leg weight workouts.

1/2 price wing night again…. it’s one of our guilty pleasures!


Oatmeal for breakfast again!

Lunch was a super yummy salad with peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lemon dressing and turkey meatballs on the side.

Guys, you can’t tell, but it snowed today!!! I was so excited!! I love this time of year so much, and it brings me so much joy!!

Once I got home, I made some gluten free brownies from Earth Fare, and we headed to a party with some of our friends! We played games and had a great time just being together.


We were up bright and early to head to the gym for Kyle to weigh in for his 60 Day Challenge. Our gym is offering this challenge to anyone who wants to join and stay accountable for their goals during the holidays. He weighed in, took before pictures, and set goals for the next 60 days and will check in periodically during the challenge. I am excited for him! I don’t do weigh ins or before/after pictures because they trigger too many unhealthy habits for me, but I am cheering him on and going with him every time I can! So proud of him.

While Kyle did all of that and did his workout, I walked another 3 miles at an incline, and then we did some weight training on our arms. Feel the burnnnnnnn! This girl has no upper arm strength so I felt it for sure.

Jimmie John’s take 2! I did much better with the unwich 🙂

We ended our Saturday by heading to a park close to my apartment and going for a long walk. It’s not far away, it has beautiful views, and it’s nice to get away from our usual walking routes. We bundled up, grabbed Starbucks, and had a wonderful night. I got a peppermint mocha but instead of getting 4 pumps of both syrups, I only got 2 and used coconut milk instead of 2%. It was perfect and definitely still like dessert.

We picked up Applebee’s for dinner. I got a side salad with light vinaigrette dressing and the Cajun chicken with shrimp, onions, mushrooms, and red potatoes.

We then watched Baby Mama, which Kyle had never seen and thought was hilarious, and then headed to bed!


Kashi Gluten Free Cinnamon Waffle and coffee with coconut milk creamer before spin class!

Spin class was so good today! I was exhausted afterwards, but felt amazing! I sat in the sauna for a little while after, and it helped my muscles relax. Kyle and I then met Jaycey and Lexie for church.

The service was amazing today. Josh talked about how it’s so easy to be ungrateful for everything God has blessed us with. I am so guilty of this! He challenged us to start writing down three things we’re thankful for every morning to help us start our mornings off right. I’m definitely going to add that to my morning routine!

We went to a little pub by my apartment for pizza and to watch the first half of the game after church. Such a great Sunday!

I hope everyone has a great night and an awesome week!

Questions for you! Answer below! 🙂

1. What’s your favorite way to exercise once it gets cold outside?

2. Favorite holiday Starbucks drink?!

3. What are three things you’re thankful for?! Will you join me on adding that to your morning routine? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Healthy Eats, Workouts, and Thankfulness ❤️

  1. Lindsay says:

    I really enjoy spin classes at my gym they make for a super hot and sweaty workout!! I am not a huge fan of the holiday Starbucks drinks … I much prefer my classic order. Do you find that you like to change your order often or do you usually (outside of the holidays) get the same drink every time? I am thankful that I’m alive and have the ability to make choices in my life, that I have a job that pays the bills, and that I have the money to be able to go to the grocery store even though I sometimes HATE going!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Yes, they’re awesome for that! And I definitely get the same drink almost every time I go outside of Christmas time! (An almond milk cappuccino) And I love it. We’re so blessed to be able to do those things even when we don’t want to a lot of the time!

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Love Blue Apron! YUM! I’ll have to check out that podcast. I am all caught up on the ones I listen to and am going stir crazy! All of this food.. I cannot get over how good it looks.

    – Favorite way to exercise- either Insanity or good ole’ treadmill
    – Starbucks- oh man, I’ll take anything pumpkin. Haha. They have a maple pecan one I think now I have been meaning to try.
    – So thankful for the blogging community, peanut butter, and laundry machines ( I was thinking how rough life would be without them today, lol!).

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Blue Apron is the best! I highly recommend the Girls Night podcast. I haven’t heard a bad one yet 🙂 Insanity kicks my butt every time! I’m sure I’ll be bringing it out soon since winter is almost here. And I love the things you’re thankful for!!

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