15 Things From Last Week!

Hey everybody! So honesty hour, I tried and failed multiple times to write my recap post for last week. It wouldn’t load, my computer would freeze, and then I got so much done and then it DELETED itself hahaha I couldn’t believe it. So I’m going a different route this week, and I’m just going to highlight a few things from last week! Better late than never right?!

SO here we go!


Jaycey and I went to dinner Monday night at The Wine Stable in Pendleton. We both got salads. It had arugula, grilled veggies, tomatoes, grilled steak, and blue cheese. So yummy! We had a great time catching up.


Our first puppy class with Chance was amazing!! He did so well with all of the other dogs and listened super well. I was amazed, and yes I teared up a few times. Proud mama!


I came home on Tuesday to a flat tire… thankfully I made it home so I must have hit the HUGE screw that was in my tire right before I pulled into my apartment complex. Praise the Lord for Kyle because he came home, plugged it, and aired it up. It’s been fine ever since! Yay!


Lots of coffee this week! I’ve been loving the So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer. I just add a little bit, and it’s not too sweet.


Every morning, Chance comes out and lays on the couch or his bed like this. He’s not a morning pup, but it’s so cute.


We had a couple of Blue Apron meals this week. This one was my favorite! It was tilapia with verde salsa, asparagus, and mushrooms. YUM!


My go to snack this week was berries and pepper power chickpea puffs.


Kyle and I went shopping on Saturday for Christmas decorations since Hobby Lobby has all Christmas stuff 50% off! I’m loving sweater weather 🙂


The weather Saturday morning was perfect for our run. Chance and I went a little over a mile and then walked another two miles.


Before we went to our cycle class on Sunday, I had coffee and a Kashi Gluten Free Cinnamon Waffle.


Our spin class on Sunday kicked our butts! It felt so good and was a great boost of adrenaline for the day.


We picked up smoothies and coffee from The Well Coffeehouse in Fishers after our spin class before we headed to church. Since Kyle is off nights, our new Sunday routine is spin class, breakfast, and then church. I love it. Such a great ending/beginning to our week.


After we went shopping on Saturday, we were STARVING! We went to Brixx and got a big salad and pizza to share. It hit the spot 🙂


After church on Sunday, we went to Chili’s and I got a Southwestern salad. It had black bean and corn salsa and grilled chicken. Super yummy! I took half of it home. We had chips and salsa for an appetizer so I couldn’t eat it all!


It was a super busy week, but I’m thankful I got to spend it with these two! We took Chance to Lowe’s to work on his socialization skills a little bit. He did great!

I hope you’ve all had an awesome week and finish strong! 🙂

Questions for you! Respond below!

1. Do you ever have just super off weeks? How do you cope?

2. Have you set up any Christmas decorations yet or is it too early for you?!

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