Weekly Eats, Work Outs, and Blue Apron GIVEAWAY! :)

Hola everybody!

The first week back to work after a vacation is always hard. It was nice getting back into my routine, but I hated being away from Kyle and the pup. We had such a great week together, and I am so thankful for the time we had. Anyways, here’s what my week looked like!

Monday: After my usual morning routine, I headed to work for a busy day (like usual). img_0770

Lunch was mexican food! I had lettuce, roasted veggies, chicken, pico, and guac. So yummy and fulfilling! I need to start buying fresh veggies and lettuce again and make this at home. It’s so easy and full of all sorts of good nutrients.

After work, I headed home and took Chance out for a walk.


Our dinner was grilled steaks, baked carrots, and mashed potatoes from Blue Apron! Now listen, this would have been SUPER yummy if my steak had been cooked a little more. It was my own fault. I took them off too soon. Kyle loved them, but I like my meat cooked WELL. Everything else was delicious though 🙂

We spent the evening relaxing and went to bed early!


Morning smoothie and puppy cuddles!



Work was another busy day! I prefer it this way though. I mean, I’d LOVE to be out of a job because that means we would finally have a cure to cancer and my patients wouldn’t have to go through this anymore. But since that isn’t the case yet, I’d rather be busy killing cancer cells than just sitting around. PS look at how beautiful the sky was outside of my building before I went in.


It was a cold, windy day so a turkey wrap and chicken noodle soup was a perfect lunch!

I forgot to take a picture and have no idea what we had for dinner….

Wednesday: After my usual morning routine, I headed to work.


Lunch was grilled chicken, ribs, corn, and a big salad. Yum!


When I came home, my Fab Fit Fun box was waiting for me!! I love it! I haven’t tried most of the products yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know how they are! I gave my mom a few of the items that I won’t use, and she was super excited. Kyle and I are super excited for the french press! They sent me a ton of great skin supplies and an awesome tote that is perfect for my laptop and blog supplies. Seriously, get yours now! It’s so fun to get an adult sized goody box every season.


After ooing over my box, I snacked on a waffle. This is a Kashi Gluten Free Cinnamon waffle. They’re super yummy and are the perfect boost before a work out. They also have plain and blueberry ones. Kyle, Chance, and I then headed out for a one mile run. We walked another mile after that to cool down.

I may or may not have talked Kyle into Chuy’s for dinner so I didn’t have to cook 😀 Shrimp tacos for the win!



Yogi Sweet Tangerine tea and a sleepy puppy to start the morning off right. Yes, I’m eating crackers. My doctor switched up my medicines so I am still getting used to them, and they’re causing a little bit of nausea in the mornings.


Another pretty sunrise before work 🙂


Lunch was a spinach and chicken wrap, salad, and kettle cooked sea salt chips.


Another waffle when I got home from work 🙂


Chance and I then headed out for a 3 mile walk. It was the perfect temperature. I wore leggings and a hoodie, and it felt great! Chance could have gone on forever, but we had to get home to get dinner ready!


Another Blue Apron meal for dinner! This one was roasted cauliflower and orecchiette. This is one of our new favorites! It was so yummy. It didn’t have any meat in it so I was surprised that Kyle liked it so much, but he did! It was also super easy to make. 5 stars!



S&S! (Smoothie and Sunrise) haha

Before going to work, I had to go HR and do some new hire paperwork and go through some screenings with the employee health nurse.


I failed my FIT test…like always! For those of you not in the healthcare field, all patient care workers have to get fitted for masks that protect us from patients who have tuberculosis because of how contagious it is. They have a couple of different masks and sizes for people since everyone’s faces/heads are different. When you get fitted, you have to wear this hood and someone sprays this funny tasting stuff into it while you wear all of the different masks. You have to move around, talk, shake your head, etc, and if at any point you taste the stuff they sprayed into the hood, you fail the test. Which I did like I always do. All that means is that if I ever had a patient with TB, I’d have to wear this hood that connects to a machine that straps to my back. Yes, just like ghostbusters.

I also got some blood drawn, a TB test (we have to get tested for TB every year to make sure we weren’t exposed), and my flu shot. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, go get it today!! Please!! All doctor’s offices offer them or you can just walk into CVS or Walgreens and get them usually with a $0 copay!

Once I finally got to my unit, it was almost lunchtime. Score!


My salad had tomatoes, peppers, and lemon vinaigrette dressing. I also had grilled chicken with lemon dressing.

Once I got home, I was feeling a little under the weather from my new medications so I took Chance on a walk, and Kyle picked up Jimmie John’s on his way home from work for dinner.


I had half of a vito sandwich on wheat bread with salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips.


And now we’re back to today! Chance and I woke up around 7 this morning to go on a walk. img_0811

Kyle bought these dark chocolate protein frozen waffles so I stole one this morning 🙂 It was pretty good!

My mom and Kyle’s mom met me at my apartment around 9 so we could go shop at our farmers market. Alas, the market wasn’t there! We drove around forever and could not find it! I still have no idea why they weren’t out because it was so beautiful. The signs around downtown and on the site said they would be open. So weird! We decided to make the most of it and explore downtown! We stopped in at Noble Coffee and Tea Shop before we got started. I got a Chai Tea Latte with almondmilk and a banana. After that, we went to a few antique stores and boutiques.


We found so many cute things. Downtown Noblesville has so many cute shops, and everybody was so sweet! What I loved the most about it was that all of the shops we went to are small town businesses and support people in the community. That makes my heart so happy.


We ended our day at Alexander’s Ice Cream Shop for smoothies. I got mango. 🙂 So yummy! I loved being able to just sit and talk with two of the most important women in my life for the last hour we were together. Perfect ending to our day.


Once I got home, I began to work on my planner and some stuff for orientation next week. Yes, I just finished orientation a few weeks ago and have to go back again. I technically work for a big hospital in Indianapolis but am “stationed” at a smaller hospital so I have to go through there orientation now too. Woo! Anyways, Chance curled up right next to me and napped.


Then I snacked on the rest of my vito sandwich from last night.


I’m going to spend the rest of the evening studying some stuff for another medication test I have next week and finishing up some blog posts for next week. I hope you all have an awesome Saturday night and Sunday! You are the best!

Questions for YOU!

  1. Does your town have any small town businesses you love?
  2. Do any of you work in healthcare? If so, what area?!
  3. What’s your favorite fall activity?

Please respond below! Also, whoever responds first, leave your email so I can send you a free Blue Apron box! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekly Eats, Work Outs, and Blue Apron GIVEAWAY! :)

  1. Lindsay says:

    Weird question, Miriam … does your work provide lunch everyday? Do you like that or hate it? I honestly prefer to bring my own food or have the option to buy what I want … myabe even bring in a blueapron meal leftovers … I do think I’d like to try Blue Apron One Day, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford it. Oh well. Maybe there will be another giveaway one day!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Not weird at all. Yes it does and I definitely have mixed emotions! It’s soooo convenient, but it does make it hard every once in a while if they bring foods I don’t normally eat. Luckily, they almost always bring big salads, chicken, wraps, etc, that I can make shift a healthy meal out of. It definitely takes will power and I don’t always have it, but I’m getting better! I think I am going to start packing a lunch or two to store every week in the fridge at work just in case I need a better choice! And the only reason I can afford it is because I don’t have to spend money on lunches and it saves me a ton of money on dinner groceries. I used to waste so much food and money because I only cook for two so Blue Apron has helped a ton with that. I also do not know a lot about cooking so it has taught me so much 🙂 There will DEFINITELY be another one soon 😀

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