Happy Saturday everybody! I hope everyone has had an awesome week and a great weekend so far.

Kyle and I had originally taken this past week off to go to Iowa to help his grandparents harvest their fields (Kyle helps, I hang out with his grandma), but they got a TON of rain so it got pushed back. I know it’s super stressful on them so prayers that it works out and Kyle can head there for a few days before he heads back to work would be greatly appreciated! So since the change of plans, Kyle and I decided to just have a staycation and it was so wonderful! We’ve both been working a ton, and it was SO NICE to just not do anything. We spent so much time together, laughed, talked, planned, and did nothing. So thankful for the opportunity to just be together.


We started off our day with a one mile run with Chance. The weather was awesome, and Kyle did so good! We’re ditching our training app for a little bit, and I’m going to train us for a while and see how it goes. It didn’t really feel like we were getting anywhere with the plan we were doing.

We then picked up Jimmie John’s for lunch! Yum! I get the unwich- they wrap it in lettuce instead of bread. The Vito is our favorite sandwich.

After lunch, I headed to a doctor’s appointment to switch around some meds which I’ll talk about in a post I’m doing all about migraines. Then we just spent the evening relaxing.


We slept in!

We eased our way into the morning with big cups of coffee 🙂

After a little while, I fixed us lunch. This Blue Apron meal had shrimp, potatoes, onions, and peppers. It was super yummy! Kyle doesn’t normally like shrimp, but he loved this!

Then we headed out for some errands 🙂

I picked up a strawberry green tea (unsweetened) before we headed out. It’s so good and refreshing. It also gives me a good burst of energy without the jitters.

We ran a couple of errands and then stopped by Kyle’s apartment to pick up a couple of things. For some reason, Chance really wanted to play on the tennis courts instead of in the grass so we spent some time playing there. Such a goober.

Side note about Chance. One of our errands was signing him up for more classes! He’s such a smart dog but has such a hard time with other dogs. The classes he’s going to be in are in a group setting, and they have high hopes that will help him become more comfortable around other dogs. I am super pumped!

Once we got home, we headed out for another one mile run.

I mean, look at the quality of those photos! Hahaha I guess I haven’t mastered my taking pictures while running form yet.

When we got back, I found that my Beauty By Design box had arrived!

I found Beauty By Design by listening to a Girls Night podcast and thought I’d give them a shot. I paid $13 to talk to a licensed esthetician about all of my skin care issues (minor cystic acne, enlarged pores, tzone issues), and she prescribed me a whole regimen of products that would work best for my skin.

They’re all natural, safe, and great prices! They also put the $13 you paid in the beginning towards any products you end up purchasing.

I’m also still able to text my esthetician whenever I have questions, and she is so so sweet and helpful! You should totally check Beauty By Design out. I’ll be sharing my progress along the way! 🙂

After we got cleaned up, I made us protein smoothies. They had raspberries, blueberries, protein powder, coconut oil, and a handful of ice.

After a while, we popped some popcorn and we relaxed while watching Gotham (our new obsession).


Today was a super lazy day!!!! I barely took pictures. We hung around the house being together, and it was awesome.


We woke up to 40 degree weather!!!! Yay!!!! Kyle grabbed coffee, I grabbed tea, we bundled up and headed to the porch. It was awesome! We both love love love fall so we are high on life right now 🙂

Dun dun dunnnnnnn. Here’s to the only Blue Apron meal we weren’t fans of. I was so excited because it was a rice bowl, and it sounded so yummy! I’m not sure what kind of rice it was, but I didn’t like it. It ruined the whole bowl. Everything else was super yummy though! I think if we had used quinoa instead, it would have been great!

Kyle and I thought it would be a great day to head to the zoo! If you haven’t been to the Indianapolis Zoo before, you totally should! It’s awesome. It was especially fun today because they’re doing all of their Halloween stuff so there were a ton of kids dressed up and trick or treating. So cute.

The dolphin show is my personal favorite 🙂 It has been ever since I was a kid! The little guy in the back is being trained, and he was so funny 😂

It’s hard to tell, but the monkey above and below are both holding babies. They were SO CUTE. They babies would venture out every so often for about 5 seconds and run right back to their mommies.

They also have a new dog show! All of the dogs are rescues and can do so many amazing tricks. It was so cool to see what they can do if someone just takes the time to work with them.

We had a great day! The weather was perfect, it wasn’t crowded, and the animals were super animated and active.

Once we got home, we took Chance on a 2 mile walk and got ready to head out again. Kyle planned a date night at Flix Brewhouse. I was ready to indulge on a good burger and watch a movie so it was perfect 🙂

We saw A Simple Favor. I liked it for the most part (mainly because I love Blake Lively). There was a lot of swearing, some nudity, and some crude humor but it was still a pretty good movie! Just be on your guard for who you take with you to see it 🙂


I ran errands and cleaned the house all morning! I ate little snacks throughout the day to keep me going.

Shaylynn came and stayed the night with us so we could spend some much needed time together!

We went to Applebee’s for dinner before we headed of a haunted house.

I got Dracula’s Drink (and it was delicious) and the bourbon shrimp, mushrooms, chicken, and red potatoes. Yum!

Then we headed to Stillwell Manor in Anderson. It was rainy outside so we opted for an indoor one.

Waiting to go inside…

We made it through the first one… there are three…

We did it! It was so much fun! Yes super scary, and I screamed a TON!

We then headed home to CRASH!

Now we’re back to Saturday 🙂

Everybody else is currently sleeping so I’m up with Chance working on this post. Once everyone wakes up, we’re going to head to downtown to go to the farmers market and grab breakfast. I’m writing this post today because Kyle and I are heading to Bloomington tonight for a friend’s birthday party, and I’m not sure when we’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂 I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Questions for you!

1. Have you ever tried a staycation?

2. What are your favorite skin care products?

3. Are you a fan of haunted houses?

Comment below! 🙂

2 thoughts on “STAYCATION!

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Oh my goodness, what a fun time!!! You know how to pack a ton into a couple days!! Staycations are the best. I haven’t had Jimmie John’s in foreevvver, I miss it! And that shrimp dish looks so yummy. I’ll have to make a stop at the Indianapolis zoo next time I’m there, looked like a great time. Thanks for sharing, Miriam! We love vacations too- we live near San Francisco and will sometimes rent a hotel only an hour or so from where we live to spend an entire weekend in the city 🙂 I used to love haunted houses, but haven’t been to one in forever?! Maybe this is the year to change that!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I agree! I loved having no strict plans and being able to just do whatever we wanted! Go get some JJs, girl! Yes, the Indy Zoo is a must! Getting away even just an hour is a perfect getaway:) and yes! Break into the Halloween season with a haunted house!!

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