Lots of walks, foods, and new job!

Happy Sunday, everybody! This week, I really didn’t take very many pictures. I think it’s because it was my first full week on my unit and I have been super busy and tired. But it’s been amazing! I love my job so much, and I am so thankful for the move I made. A positive environment and a fresh start was just what I needed. Also, remember when I side swiped a car last week?? The owner called me and was SO KIND. She isn’t pursuing it and is having it buffed out. She was so sweet and insisted on me not paying her or submitting it to insurance. How amazing is that?? There are still good people out there.  So anyways, here’s my recap for the week!

Monday: I woke up, did my yoga session, and then had my smoothie.


I had a great day at work, and I am having a blast getting to know all of my coworkers and patients.


Lunch was shredded chicken, briscuit, and salad with raspberry vinagarette dressing.

Once I got home, Kyle and I took Chance for a walk, binge watched The Following, and indulged on Chuy’s for dinner!



Yoga and an early morning walk for Chance and I. It was chilly outside, and I LOVED IT! I am so excited for cooler weather. I love summer, but I’m ready for it to be over this year. Bring on fall!


Our drug representative brought us Applebee’s for lunch so I had a salad with chicken. I also had a few pasta noodles and honey glazed chicken bites because I love that dish so much! I had to let myself have a little. Then I needed a pick me up so black coffee it is!


Chance and I headed out for a 3 mile walk in the beautiful weather! I wore shorts and a long sleeve tshirt. I love it!


I used one of my fave masks when we got home! It totally cleans my face up, tightens my skin, and feels so refreshing. I also had left over Chuy’s for dinner because I was still full from lunch.


I needed some encouragement tonight so I watched a couple of short videos from Jordan Lee Dooley’s youtube channel. I seriously love this girl, and these videos help me so much. Please go check it out! I truly believe that God has placed us all on the earth for a reason and amazing things happen when we live in His purpose. This girl is doing that for sure! So motivating.



My normal smoothie and yoga routine!


I felt SO STUFFED after this meal. I love all of these foods, but they do not work well with my body and I felt crummy for the rest of the day. These foods are okay sometimes, and I do believe we need to let ourselves indulge, but I did it a little too much this week and am definitely feeling it. When I got home, I snacked a little because I still felt stuffed.


Since I felt so crummy, Chance and I walked about 3.5 miles tonight.


I also did my daily workout. It’s only day 2, but I’m loving it! I wrote it all out above. Side note, things are spelled wrong and are not titled right. I wrote it how I see it haha So if you have any questions, ask and I’ll explain better!

Chance and I headed to bed and slept hard.



Smoothie and yoga! We headed out and walked about a mile and a half before I headed to work.


It was my preceptor’s birthday so I picked up her favorite starbucks drink and got an almondmilk cappuccino for myself. Yum!


I had a big salad, half of a spinach wrap with turkey, tomatoes, and avocado, and salt and vinegar kettle chips. I need to start laying off the salt…

Once I got home, I did my daily workout and Chance and I walked a little over 3 miles.


It was so beautiful out! If you look close, there is ONE bright red leaf. They’re trying to change!


When we were walking, I listened to this episode of Girls Night. IT WAS SO GOOD! Stephanie interviewed a professional in women’s health, and she answered so many hard and common questions. I feel like as women, we are constantly feeling like we’re the only ones feeling the way we do. Turns out, we’re not!! Something you are embarrassed about or try to hide is probably something tons of your friends are hiding too! We just have to speak up and ask. Our bodies are awesome, and it’s so important that we know that! Take a listen 🙂

I used my Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask, took a shower, and headed to bed. Orientation has me zonked.




Super early walk! I love this time because literally nobody else is up. Chance and I get the whole place to ourselves. It’s a great way to start the day.


Morning smoothie and vitamins when we got back!

Work was super busy. They brought mexican food for lunch. We grabbed some chicken and veggie fajitas and chips and were back at it.


Once I got home, I made Beef and Bok Choy Stir Fry for Kyle and I for dinner. We started ordering from Blue Apron this week since Kyle is off nights now! We love Blue Apron, and this meal was amazing! Best part… it’s Whole30! September is Whole30 month for Blue Apron and all of the meals sound delicious. This one was no exception!

We spent the rest of the night catching up and trying to switch Kyle back to days schedule.



We woke up a little late and headed to a pond to have a picnic! We picked up five guys and had a blast! It was so nice out and Chance loved to swim and chase the geese.

img_0379Peach and blueberry smoothie for the road!


Then we headed home to get cleaned up and head to TAYLOR SWIFT! She was AMAZING like always. The concert was a blast… Kyle even had a good time!




We had breakfast with my parents, brother and sister in law. Then we headed to the grocery store. We picked up our groceries for the week and meal prepped!


Busy weekend=tired pup!

Have a great week, everybody! 🙂

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