Favorites Friday #1

Hey everybody! I’m trying a new thing. Every Friday, I am going to write about my 5 current favorite things. Some items might be repeated (that’s how you know they’re suuuuuper good), but I will have a lot of new things as well! I’m trying to be more spontaneous and find new things that I love. I’ve always been very routine so I need to shake it up a bit! I feel so much better when I look at the positive things in life. So with that being said, here’s my first Favorites Friday!

  1. THIS FACEMASK!img_0088I have said it in earlier posts, but this facemask is amazing. Since entering my adult years, I have had clogged pores and minor cystic acne. They’re painful and are so hard to get rid of. This is one of my secret weapons. I use it at least twice a week at night, and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. My skin is pretty sensitive, but I have no problems with this one. When I am done, I rinse it off in the shower and my skin feels so fresh, clear, and clean. It’s all natural and has so many good nutrients in it! I highly recommend it.
  2. THIS CANDLE Fall is coming (I’ve said that like 12 times already), and I am so excited! I love everything about it. Leaves are changing, the temperatures are perfect (not too hot, not too cold), pumpkin patches are in full swing, the weather is perfect for long walks and runs, and so much more. That includes fall scented candles being back! This one is so relaxing and comforting. It’s not too strong, but makes my entire apartment smell good. I’ll have plenty more to come, but Autumn Woods is currently my favorite fall candle!
  3. THIS DRINK My new coffee obsession is almond milk cappuccinos. I am probably a little late to the game because I haven’t had many cappuccinos before. I now find myself ordering them all of the time. I am going to try to DIY one here soon, but until then, I’ll get my fix at my local coffee shops.
  4. THIS BACKPACK! Kyle, Chance, and I went for a hike yesterday, and I wanted a new backpack to carry everything in. We stopped by Cabela’s, and I didn’t like anything that they had. So I ran into Dick’s while Kyle and Chance waited in the car (dogs aren’t allowed in-laaaaaame). I fell in love with this bag when I first saw it. It has a mesh back and the straps are super padded and comfortable. There are two front pockets, a place for headphones, two waterbottle holders, and even more pockets inside. Best part? It was originally $80, but since it was on clearance and they were having a labor day sale, I got it for $14! It did so well on our hike, and I love it!
  5. THIS BIBLE STUDY Jordan Lee Dooley created a 12 month study called SHE REFINED. Every week is full of amazing content including videos, scripture readings, a new verse every day, workouts, recipes, etc. I feel so filled up with truth and joy, and I am so pumped to continue this study. While you can’t sign up right now, she has a ton of content on her Facebook and YouTube and there is still content you can access at the SoulScripts homepage. Check it out!

Alright, there it is! My first Favorites Friday! I hope you enjoyed it.

What are you enjoying right now? I’d love to hear about your favorite things below!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Such a CUTE backpack. I would totally grab that bag if I saw it at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I may need to run there this afternoon if I get a chance. 😉

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