Tennessee Trip!

Hey everyone!

We spent last Thursday-Sunday in Tennessee! It was an amazing trip. We spent so much time relaxing with my family and enjoying each other. It was much needed. I’m including some pictures from our trip because the mountain my grandparents live on is absolutely beautiful.

My grandparents moved to a tiny town in Tennessee after my grandpa retired from being a chaplin in the military. My dad took time off work and took my family (before I was born) for a month to the mountain to help my grandpa build the houses. They are beautiful! I love the look of the logs, and the beams inside are just awesome. The view is obviously the best part. Pictures don’t do it justice, but I tried!

We took my niece to a little creek that is down the mountain a little bit. She collected a ton of cute little shells, and we saw a ton of crawfish. They’re kinda creepy little guys. The weather was perfect!

We rode the four wheelers down the mountain to see the cows and so my niece could see the pond. Chance was talking to the cows, and it was hilarious. He was so excited. Seriously, look at those skies! All of the area used to be covered in trees, but the ones that are still there are so pretty.

There are three dogs that live on the mountain with my grandparents and my aunt. Two of them are my aunt’s, but one of them just appeared one day. She started feeding him, and he stuck around! They’re all so sweet, and it was awesome for Chance to be able to play with other dogs. They had a blast. No matter where we went, they followed us around. Sometimes they would hop in the four wheelers to take a break but most of the time, they just ran next to us.


I hooked Chance to the four wheeler so he wouldn’t jump out when we were driving somewhere. I knew he wanted to run, but there is so much to see and I didn’t want him to get lost! He had plenty of time to run when we got to our destinations though. I think he is still recovering. haha I also am so thankful I bought these boots a few months ago. Usually I wear tennis shoes that end up getting ruined, but these did great. Gotta love Cabela’s!

While we rode around and explored a lot, we also made time to relax and shop. There were lots of snacks consumed, coffee drank, and laughs had. My favorite coffee while I was there had a little bit of vanilla coconut milk and cinnamon in it.

Also, how cute is this purse?! I’ve always loved the KAVU backpacks so I had to buy this when I saw it. There is a little shop called Small Town Sisters Boutique in town that I am absolutely in LOVE with. Two sisters dreamed up this store and brought it to life. It is the only place like it in the area, and it has brought so much life into it! It is so awesome what those girls are doing. They are always SO NICE when you go in, and they talk to you like you’ve been best friends forever. So sweet. I always bring a little extra money now when I visit because I know I am going to splurge. They have awesome prices and have great clearance all of the time! I bought a couple of shirts, a dress, shoes, a sweater, the purse, and a big sign with a bible verse on it all for just a hundred bucks. I never spend money like that so it was fun 😀 haha My mom got a new dress and my sister got a few things as well. It was so much fun. If you are ever in the area or go to their site, you’ll fall in love too!

On the road again! Kyle and I found a new podcast, Serial, and we’re obsessed. We totally binged on it on the drive home. We also picked up a seat belt for Chance before we left. Chance always paces in the car and gets really anxious, and this really helped! He couldn’t climb in the front seat, and it helped him settle down immensely. Highly recommend it if your pup struggles in the car!

I believe that it is so important to get away sometimes. Life can get so hectic and crazy, and it is easy to get caught up. When we go to the mountain, there is barely cell reception and the TV is never on. We just spend time together without distractions and really connect. It’s so important, and so worth it!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday, and I’ll post my weekly recap tomorrow. 🙂

  1. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
  2. How do you like to disconnect?

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