Healthy eats, walks, and a quick recap!

Hey everyone! I am currently writing this while drinking my breakfast smoothie. The storm here last night was CRAZY, but I still feel pretty well rested.

Monday- I woke up around 5, had my smoothie, and took Chance out for our one mile walk.

img_1852I’m working on bringing healthier snacks with me to work or else I grab sweets or chips which usually leave me with low energy and feeling bloated. I brought a container full of cucumbers, carrots, and snap peas with hummus and it was the perfect, crunchy afternoon snack. I also had cantaloupe in the morning and almonds in the afternoon.

After work, I completed the TIU arm workout and daily moves. My arms felt like noodles afterwards! It was great. After that, Chance and I headed out for a 2 mile walk. I listened to Girl, Wash Your Face again while we walked. Once we got back, I showered and had dinner. I love throwing a bunch of random foods together because it keeps me from getting bored with certain foods, and I cover all the bases.


My hodgepodge dinner for the night consisted of one slice of oven roasted turkey, snap peas and peppers with organic garlic hummus, dill pickles, a handful of almonds, and organic chips and salsa. Yummy!

img_1850I ended the night reading Body Love. Seriously, I’m learning so much!

Tuesday: I woke up at 5, had my smoothie, and headed out for a one mile walk with Chance.


John 15:15 I also wrote out my weekly scripture from SHE refined which is a bible study hosted by SoulScripts with Jordan Lee Dooley. If you aren’t already a part of this sisterhood, DO IT NOW! You won’t be disappointed. I feel so lifted up every day.


Yummy veggies at work again! (Coming from a girl who used to highly despise veggies!)


After work, I did the TIU circuit workout and daily moves. This one really got my heart rate up and got my sweat on. Loved it!

After that, Chance and I went on a 1 mile walk because it was POURING. Chance hates the rain, but we both still needed to get some steps in so we toughed it out. I ventured out in my nike rain jacket, running shorts, and my rain clogs. Fashionista, I know! I listened to a podcast by Rachel Hollis while we walked. She is such an inspiration!


Once we got back from our walk, I dried Chance off and jumped in the shower because the rain made me chilled to the bone! He was pretty tuckered out from all of the excitement once we settled down for the night.


Another hodgepodge dinner! Cucumbers, peppers, hummus, cashews, turkey, and popcorn.

Wednesday: Wake up, smoothie, puppy walk.


My take away from my devotional this morning. So so so important.

After work, Chance and I headed out for a mini walk while we waited for Kyle to get home. We spent the rest of the night catching up, spending quality time together, and getting ready for our Tennessee trip.

I’ll write a separate post about our trip later this week. It’ll cover Thursday through Sunday.

I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday and an awesome week!

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