Walks, Podcasts, Healthy Eats, and Summer Fun!

Happy Sunday Everybody!

Monday- Chance and I started our morning with a mile walk and my breakfast smoothie. At work, I had the chicken avocado salad from Wendy’s. It is DELICIOUS. Once I got home, I did my TIU work out and daily moves. They were focused on abs today. Chance and I then took another 1.5 mike walk. I listened to a RISE by Rachel Hollis podcast. For dinner, I had a pork chop and grilled veggies. My dinners consist of a lot of the same things because they work for me and give me a good protein boost. They also keep me full or else I’d snack all evening. The rest of the evening was spent working on my planner and reading Body Love. I’m learning so much about nutrition and how to treat my body right by giving it the food and exercise it needs. It’s awesome!

Tuesday- Morning mile walk and breakfast smoothie. Then to work! I had a big salad, grilled veggies, and a grilled chicken breast for lunch. Once I got home, the TIU daily workout and daily moves was concentrated on legs. It was a killer! Then Chance and I headed out for a 2 mile walk. While we walked, I listened to an episode of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast.unnamed (21)

Then, a turkey burger and veggies it is!

I ended the night reading Body Love.

Wednesday- One mile walk, breakfast smoothie, work. I’m a little repetitive, huh? Our TIU workout was all about arms, and it BURNED. Chance and I walked a little over 2 miles after that because it was so nice out. I listened to the audiobook Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis while we walked. I LOVE this book, and this is the second time I’ve listened to it. I highly recommend it.

unnamed (19)Dinner was grilled veggies and a pork chop.

Thursday- One mile walk, breakfast, work.

unnamed (20)The sky was so beautiful during our walk this morning.

At work, I totally fell off the healthy bandwagon because we had a huge pitch in for one of our girls who is leaving to go work at another hospital. Oops! Sometimes you have to have those days, right? RIGHT?! haha anyways, once I got home, I did the TIU workout which was a total body HIIT workout. Chance and I headed out for a 2.5 mile walk. It looked like it was going to storm so I wanted to make sure he got out of the apartment for a while. Then Kyle came home after working the last three nights so YAY!

Friday- I woke up and headed to the BMV to renew my license. There were over 20 people in front of me, but I was in and out in under 20 minutes! I was pumped. Then I headed to Aldi and then Meijer to get my groceries. Then of course Petsmart for puppy food. I have learned so much about grocery shopping for healthy eating, and it can get EXPENSIVE if you’re not careful. Aldi has so many good finds, and I’ve been able to stay in budget without any problems. I’m a nerd and love that kind of stuff. I snacked on cashews and drank a kumbucha while I was out. Kyle and I grilled out and took Chance on a walk when I got back. It was a nice and relaxing day. Then in the evening, we headed out for our next run. The weather was perfect!

img_1832We love our ASICS!

Kyle just picked up his new shoes. He chose these asics because they gave him the most support and are still comfortable. He loves them so far!

And Chance loves his post run rolls in the cool grass!

Saturday: I had to go into work for a couple of hours, but after that, we took Chance on a long walk and then started our day. I sipped on this Kombucha all day, and it was so refreshing. It also has a ton of health benefits like natural energy, probiotics, detox effects, and nutrients!

Kyle had a work pool party that we went to for a couple of hours. It’s always fun meeting the people he works with and having poolside snacks 😂 We played a game of jumbo jenga, and I definitely lost. We had fresh crawfish and someone brought the best watermelon I’ve had this season!

After the party, we headed to mini golf and dinner with Shay and her boo. It was a great day!

Sunday: I had to go into work again today for a few hours.I started my day with a blueberry protein smoothie with chia seeds (my new obsession).

Then my day was jampacked with cleaning. I did laundry, both bed sets, the floors, the dishes, the bathrooms, and hung up a few more things. I’m still in the process of getting totally moved in!

While I was at work, my head started to give me some warning signs that I was going to have a migraine today. Most likely from not getting enough sleep this weekend. I went home and tried to work through it. I got a lot done, but ended up taking my medicine and laying down around 5 and sleeping until 7. When I woke up, I was groggy but no headache! Medicine is an amazing thing. Today didn’t really go as planned, but that happens! Chance and I headed out for a walk once I was awake. He is always such a good boy when I get one of my attacks. He lays right beside me and just lets me sleep.

Since I was cleaning, I ended up just snacking during the day. I had snap peas, carrots, and cucumbers with hummus, organic quinoa chips and salsa, and a few pieces of turkey breast.

I also did a little meal prep which included cleaning and cutting my veggies, peeling oranges, grilling turkey burgers and pork chops, and cutting up cantaloupe. Even with a migraine, I got everything done that I needed to. I love it when that happens.

I used my all time favorite face mask tonight as well. It is only $5 on Amazon and truly pulls out everything from your pores and makes your skin glow! From someone who has had a lot of trouble finding face masks that actually work, believe me, this one is the real deal! I ended the night working on my planner for the rest of the week and reading Body Love.

I hope everyone has an awesome week! 🙂

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