Weekly recap, family time, and lots of puppy walks.

Happy Monday everyone 😀

I hope you all had an awesome week and a relaxing weekend!

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Monday- I had my smoothie for breakfast. Then I headed to work. We were busy, and I truly can’t remember what I had for lunch. Haha! When I got home, Kyle and I went to Blue Mile to get him fitted for running shoes. He’s been running in a pair of his old tennis shoes, and I am pumped to see how much better he feels. He got a new pair of Asics and a pair of awesome inserts. I highly recommend going to a professional to get fitted. I’ll be going soon when my current Asics give out on me. We went to a little outdoor brewery for dinner.

I had a fish taco and a raspberry beer (my guilty pleasure). We also got some great news about Kyle’s job. It was all around a good day! We took Chance for a short walk when we came home and relaxed for the night.

Tuesday- Breakfast smoothie, work, home. That will be the trend for this week and most weeks! haha When I came home, I did my TIU daily workout and daily moves. They were mainly focused on glutes and legs. It was awesome! Chance and I then went for a 2.3 mile walk. Whenever we walk by the cows, he’s mesmerized. It’s hilarious!

When we got home, I grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. It smelt and looked amazing. I took one bite, and the chicken was SPOILED. It was awful! hahaha I then proceeded to have my organic chips and salsa and call it a night. What a joke 😀


Wednesday- After having my smoothie and getting ready to go to work, Chance and I walked a mile while I had my coffee. That’s my new favorite part of the day! I listen to a podcast or worship music. It’s amazing.

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I came home and did my TIU daily workout and daily moves. It was all abs, and it kicked my butt! After that, Chance and I walked a couple of miles. I grilled some veggies and a turkey burger. It was delicious!

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Thursday- Smoothie, 1 mile walk, and work. When I came home, TIU was total body today. It was a wonderful workout! I truly haven’t had a bad one from those girls yet. Then, you guessed it, a 2 mile walk!

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Dinner was a grilled pork chop and veggies! 

Friday- My day off! I had a full day planned, but sometimes, God has other plans. I went into the nail salon and was getting my toes done when I realized that I meant to text Jaycey so she could come with me! Literally, in that moment, I heard her voice and was like what the heck? I turned my head, and she was sitting a few chairs down. Apparently, we think a lot alike 😀 We ended up going to lunch and chatted for hours. I love those times! I had two shrimp tacos from Chuy’s. The best! Girls days are truly the best. I then headed to Home Grown to get something for my sister in law’s birthday. They have the cutest Indiana goods, and I got her an adorable tank top. She loved it! I headed to Aldi to pick up a few groceries and headed home to meet Kyle. I took Chance on a short walk because I did not have much time, but he was exhausted for some reason! He headed straight to his kennel when it was time for us to go, and I think he slept like a rock. We spent the evening with my niece, nephew, and mom while my brother took my sister in law out for her birthday! She’s a doctor and is constantly doing things for other people and her family so she deserved a night out! We picked up a Papa Murphy’s pizza and played games all evening. Kyle even fixed one of the baby’s musical toys with a screwdriver and some aluminum foil. haha It was a great night!

Besides running on Saturday, we just relaxed and spent time with family over the weekend. It was perfect.

I hope you have an awesome week! Be kind to someone today 🙂

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