Honest thoughts

Hey y’all. I’ve been doing some major thinking and planning, and I am going to take my blog in a different direction. I am hoping that by doing this, I will not only keep myself accountable and on track, I might help at least one other person along the way.

Over the last year or so , I have really been trying to get back to a healthier and happier lifestyle. It’s had a lot of trial and errors, but I am loving it so far! With that being said, I have found a lot of inspiration on other blogs. Blogs by women that I admire SO MUCH and who have truly helped me. The only thing that I feel like is missing is feeling like I can truly relate to their every day lives. I have a full time job of being a nurse. I budget and can’t spend more than my budgeted amount on food, exercise, and fun outings. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I splurge but mostly I stick with my budget and make it work. I am sure that there are others of you out there who work and are trying to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle but just don’t feel like you have the time or the resources. This blog is going to try to help with that.

Starting this week, I am going to start consistently blogging about my weeks and all that they include. Work, food, exercise, fun times, budgets, grocery shopping, my puppy, etc. Sidenote, I do NOT have this perfected. Not even close. Another major reason why I am doing this is to get suggestions from you all. I am so ready to learn and try new things, and I hope that this site becomes a place where you can come, follow along and walk beside me during this journey, and that you feel comfortable to speak up. This is a safe place! All negative and hateful comments will be deleted and not given the time of day. I am not saying you can’t share your struggles and your doubts. Please do! Just don’t try to take someone else down along the way.

I am so pumped about this and can’t wait to start!

If you have any suggestions, questions, etc., please share them below! I promise to respond and incorporate everything that I can. Let’s get back to being women who are healthy, happy, and help other women shine. I truly think this could change lives.


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