My First Half Marathon

Hey everyone!
Two weeks ago, I finished my first half. It was so hard but so rewarding! The Indianapolis Mini Marathon is such a well put together event, and I can’t wait to run it again next year! Kyle is joining me too 🙂
I am excited to start my training plan over again to work on my endurance and pace. I am not trying to go crazy fast but would like to up it a little! I started the Couch to 5K with Kyle last week to start his training. It’s weird only doing short distances right now, but it’s fun working on my pace! I am still planning on doing a couple of longer runs with just Chance every month so I don’t totally lose my distance.

My training was a little rickety at first. I started with running too many times during the week. I was struggling to recover before the next run, and then I would be miserable the entire time. Then the winter months came. Training for a half in Indiana in November-March is no joke! The farther along I got in my training, the more I learned. I started incorporating more yoga and walks during the week and saved my long runs for the weekends. That really helped me recover! My week usually consisted of two days of interval training or shorter runs, three days of 3-4 mile walks, one rest day (I still go on a short walk), and one day of a long run. I did yoga every morning to help stretch out my muscles and recover. I’d never done yoga prior to starting my training, but I LOVE it now. I usually just do it in my living room and use a Yoga with Adriene video. I haven’t been to a yoga studio, but I am planning on it soon!

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Before the mini, I only got up to 10 miles. I was really nervous going into it because I had been planning on running the whole 13.1 before the race. Sometimes things don’t work out, but it was fine! The only time I stopped was to help a man who had collapsed on the track around mile 7. There was a group of nurses there, and we all performed CPR for what felt like an eternity. The nurse practitioner who led our efforts got to talk to the man this week! Turns out, he had a heart attack during the run and underwent surgery when they got him to the hospital. The doctor said that he wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for him having the heartache around all of us. I am so thankful for a God who put everyone there at the right time and gave us the skills we needed to bring this man back to life. It was super scary and waiting to hear how he did was unbearable, but it is something I will never forget!


If you haven’t done a half marathon yet, I strongly encourage you to sign up for one! I had a blast. Don’t get me wrong. It’s hard, but it is so worth it! Remember, I hadn’t run more than a 5K before I started this training. I wasn’t a good runner, and my pace is slooooow. When I started, I had so many doubts. I really didn’t think I was going to make it because I was constantly feeling like I was going to die in my early runs. But I did it! And I know you can too.

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Above is Kyle’s funny snapchat when he took me to celebrate after the race! (He works in an ICU in a huge hospital in downtown Indianapolis so CPR is nothing new for him.)

My questions for YOU!:

  1. Have you ran a half marathon?
  2. What’s your favorite distance to run?
  3. Any training tips?


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