6 Things To Do Every Morning

Hello! This blog is all about my favorite time of day, MORNING! I live for my mornings and am almost always awake by 4:30 on work days and 7 on my days off. I love watching the sun rise. I love having that time for myself and choosing how my day is going to go. I love getting so many things accomplished before I even go to work. I just love mornings! Below are the six things that I choose to do every morning, and they make a world of difference for me and how my day turns out.

  1. Don’t hit snooze! As tempting as it is, hitting snooze always ends up making my morning take off on a bad start.
  2. Make my bed. I usually make my bed first thing. It really helps me feel officially awake and going in the morning. I’m also a clean freak so it’s a must for me.
  3. Yoga. I do at least one video from Yoga with Adriene on YouTube every morning. It wakes me up and helps me focus.
  4. Shower and Morning Facial. After I work out, I shower and usually do my whole facial routine which can be found in an earlier post here.
  5. Eat. I always have something to eat in the morning. My smoothie is my go to. You can see the post I wrote about it here. 🙂
  6. Devotions. Starting my day off in the word is the only thing that gets me through every day. As dramatic as it sounds, I literally cling to it. I really encourage everyone to find a devotional that speaks to them and USE it. Every morning. Right now, I am going through the soul sessions from SoulScripts. Jordan Lee, Soulscripts’ creator, works you through passages and shows you how to really read and interact with scripture. I love her videos, and they have really helped me dive in deeper. No matter what devotion you choose, be devoted and it’ll change your whole day. I promise!
  1. What are some important parts of your morning?
  2. What devotion do you use?

Share your responses below 🙂

5 thoughts on “6 Things To Do Every Morning

  1. Hannah Grant says:

    LOVEEEEEE this! I am so bad about hitting snooze in the mornings. Especially if I’ve been up studying the night before. This list of things to do in the mornings is so realistic and attainable. I so look forward to reading more!

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