Puppy training, meal prep, and Hello Fresh(*GIVEAWAY!)

Hey everyone!

As I am writing, I am sipping on my Yogi peach detox tea, watching the olympics, and cuddling my sleepy nightshifter and puppy. Even though he’s sleeping right now since he has to stay up all night tonight, I soak up every moment I can get with Kyle. Night shift sucks!

Shaylynn and I had Friday off so we spent the morning/afternoon together having lunch and just walking around the mall. I knew I was meeting her early so I woke up around 6 to get my yoga in beforehand. (Chance was apparently not ready for the day yet!)

yoga with puppy in background

Shay and I could literally do anything together, and we would have the best time. I laugh way too much with her. We needed a pick me up halfway through our day so we stopped at Starbucks. I had their Strawberry Green Tea. I don’t add any sweetener, and it is still so good and refreshing!

Starbucks Strawberry Green Tea

On Saturday, we had another puppy lesson with Daica. We are currently working on Chance being able to stay for an extended period of time and his door manners. He has not been much of a darter yet, but we definitely do not want him to start that habit. It would also be nice to be able to keep the door open when I’m bringing in groceries or running out to the car without the fear of him following me outside. We are already seeing so much progress with Chance, and it is SO encouraging. I mean, just look at that cute face!

Puppy riding in car

I woke up early this morning and could not fall back asleep so I headed out to the kitchen to meal prep some of my veggies for the week. I love meal prepping at least my veggies on Sundays because that way there so no excuse to not eat them during the week. I usually make a chicken breast or turkey burger to go along with them.

Today I baked fresh brussel sprouts and mushrooms. I then sauteed onions, bell peppers, and broccoli. I usually use coconut oil, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings I feel like adding! Now I can just store them in the fridge until I’m ready to heat them up for dinner this week!

Working on Chance’s socialization and anxiety is something that we are constantly concentrating on. One of the things that Daica wants us to do to help with that is to take him to as many places as we can without overwhelming him. That is a very fine line. I really needed new running shoes so we went to Cabela’s this morning, and Chance came with us. He did SO WELL. He didn’t bark or lunge at anyone, and he heeled almost the entire time. He sat while I tried on shoes and even let a big group of strangers pet him. This may not seem like much, but for a rescue pup, this is HUGE. We were so excited. (Plus, I got new shoes! (:) PS for all you runners out there, Cabela’s has great deals on Asics. They are the cheapest I have found so far!

We needed a little extra energy to tackle our puppy adventures so we headed to Panera. I got their Green Passion Smoothie. It was so yummy and gave me just the right amount of energy! I totally forgot to take a picture of it if that tells you how good it was!

We ended our weekend with one of our favorite things…. HELLO FRESH! Hello Fresh is a meal prep service who delivers fresh ingredients and recipes right to your front door. We had Crispy Frico Cheeseburgers and Roasted Broccoli tonight. It was so yummy! Hello Fresh has really helped me learn more about cooking with fresh ingredients and just cooking in general. I really enjoy the simple instructions and the zero food waste! This will definitely be one we will choose again.

Hello fresh meal in kitchen

Hello Fresh also sent me a code to give away a free box! I will send the code to the first person who comments below! Seriously, you won’t be disappointed! Hello Fresh rocks!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great upcoming week!


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