Puppy, Weekend Adventures, and The Shack Book Review

Happy Sunday everyone! I am currently sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee, PLL reruns, and a cuddly puppy. These mornings are the best mornings. The weather this weekend was super cold and icy. I spent Friday morning working on my planner and having a meeting with our management team about our support group sessions this year. It was fun using my creative side. We are planning everything from music therapy to yoga to painting to even an intro to essential oils and how this can all help while going through chemotherapy. I, of course, had a hot cup of coffee by me, and I had my SO Coconutmilk yogurt with a spoonful of Vega Vanilla protein powder. The raspberry flavored yogurt is my fave, and you can find it at most grocery stores. I love that more and more products are using coconut or almond milk. I buy my protein powder online here. It’s cheaper than buying it at the store, and I don’t feel the texture of it like I can other brands. I also do not use the whole serving size amount. It comes with a big scoop, and I just do not need that much at this point. I probably only use half of the scoop for my smoothie and just a spoonful if it’s going in my yogurt. Just personal preference. You can experiment and find what works for you! 🙂

We ventured out on Friday afternoon to take Chance to get his nails clipped. We were successful! Yippee! Over the past two months, we have taken Chance three times to try to get his nails clipped. Third times the charm! He gets super anxious when we go to the vet, but with some help from his anti anxiety medication and the sweet workers, we were finally able to get them trimmed. He didn’t put up too much resistance this time like he did the first two times. They don’t want to force him into it because that can be more traumatizing to dogs, especially ones who were abused in their past like Chance. Below are some happy post vet pics. So proud of our boy!

The weather did not lead to a great drive to Chance’s training class on Saturday. We usually meet our trainer at her house that is about an hour away, and she texted me that morning warning me of how bad the roads were. We still decided to try it out until we stopped by the gas station to grab coffee and so Kyle could air up his tires. We went to multiple gas stations and every single air compressor was FROZEN. Kyle tried everything but alas, nothing worked. We drove about a half an hour to get to my parents’ house to use my dad’s air compressor. Thankfully, it was in the garage and out of the wind and snow so it worked like a charm. We took this as a hint that we should postpone puppy classes until next week. Good thing too because our trainer told me that someone had slid off the road near her house and hit a pole! Yikes!

All in all it was still a pretty good morning! We got to visit with my parents for a bit, and Chance was able to play with my Nana’s dog who my parents are looking after for the cold months so she doesn’t have to. I haven’t shared much about Chance (I’ll write a longer post on him later), but one thing he struggles with is strangers and other dogs. Once he meets them and realizes they are not going to hurt him, he wants to play and love all day. It’s always encouraging and helpful when we have a place for him to meet and play with other dogs. He did great!

Our last outing was going to dinner with Kyle’s parents and brother for his dad’s birthday! It’s always fun being with all of them. They get to telling me stories from when the boys were younger, and it always ends up in fits of laughter.

the shack

I finished my first book of 2018! The Shack is such an encouraging, emotional, and tear jerking book. I couldn’t put it down! I’ll explain a little without giving it all away. It tells the story of a dad who is dealing with the murder of his daughter and shows his journey through redemption, healing, and eventually forgiveness. The author really sucks you in and makes you feel like everything he is explaining actually happens. God works in mysterious ways, right? I can’t recommend this enough. If you haven’t read it yet, go out now and get it! I actually bought my copy at Goodwill for 0.50 cents. Hard to beat that, right?

Kyle had to head back for work, but Chance and I are soaking up some relaxation and will probably go on a long walk this afternoon. Then tomorrow will be all grocery shopping, meal prep, and preparing for the work week.

Have a great week, everyone!

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