About Me

Hello! My name is Miriam, and this is my lifestyle blog. I’m a Registered Nurse at an outpatient chemotherapy infusion center in Indiana. I spend my free time with my boyfriend, Kyle, and our pup, Chance, living life with my best friends, and loving the moments I have with my family. I am currently on a journey in my faith in order to truly make it my own and to help other women feel loved and accepted in a society that does neither of those things. Another thing that is going to be pretty prominent in this blog is my half marathon training. Loving myself and loving my body has been a very difficult thing for me(just as it is for most girls), and I am challenging myself to work towards specific goals and keep a more positive spin on my fitness life instead of punishing myself and seeing it in a negative light. Some of my trips and adventures will also pop up in here along with the struggles of being a nurse working with cancer patients and of every day life. I am excited to start down this road and can’t wait to see where it leads!


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